Auto Face On Attack is Broken

Basic Info:

Platform: Steam
Issue Type: Gameplay
Game Mode: All
Server Type: All
Map: All
Server Name: N/A
Mods: None

Bug Description:

While attacking with mouse and keyboard, your attacks will no longer track your mouse movement regardless of if you have “enable auto face on attack” on or off. The issue is PARTIALLY fixed if you turn OFF “rotatable stationary camera” but will immediately become an issue if you attempt to turn (via mouse movement) and make the 2nd attack of a combo. The attack will simply go in the direction of your character’s facing. Turning during the start up frames of an attack is now much more difficult and stiff because of this change as well. It’s not a fluid movement of starting to turn with the mouse, start attack, and finish the turn with the mouse. It’s now a very controller esque and unintuitive movement key to turn from start to finish.

Overall this bug makes it feel as if your mouse inputs aren’t registering to the game’s actual combat system, only the camera. This is extremely counterintuitive to mouse and keyboard gameplay, to the point that this MUST be a bug, and not a feature.

Bug Reproduction:

If you are playing with “rotatable stationary camera” turned off, you must make an attack, turn the camera, and make a second attack. The second attack of the combo chain will be in the same direction as the first, and not the new facing.

If you are playing with “rotatable stationary camera” turned on, you can sometimes experience this bug even on the very first swing by simply changing the camera direction away from the character’s facing and then making an attack.


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Yes, and even when turned off this is happening when doing multiple things. I seem to face sideways from time to time when moving to the next mineral or whatever to harvest. I’ve seen npcs that attack me do the same thing. Today, I seen a fighter at accursed watchtower chase me across the field back turned to me the whole way. I ran in circles only to watch her continue to attack me backwards. There is seriously something funky going on with the physics since last update. xD

Also, this is happening to me with a gamepad as well.


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