Age of War: Chapter 3 Known/Hot Issues

Greetings, Exiles! A new chapter of Age of War is upon us, and we hope you have a blast building your own tavern and laying siege to the Stygians at al-Merayah. A few issues have popped up with the update, and this topic will serve to track what’s known and what’s going on with them. Here’s the rundown so far:

  • Negative Crom Coins balance; account suspended from play
    [Updates here: Updates on Crom Coin/Suspension Issue]
    Far and away the highest-priority issue affecting you right now. We’ve seen quite a few reports of logging in after the update to find Crom Coin balances in the negatives and accounts subsequently barred from play.
    We released a backend fix today, which should prevent new instances of this issue from occurring, but unfortunately does not retroactively address the issue for folks already affected (and thus suspended). If you’re affected, please press the ‘Help’ button on the error message you’re given, select ‘Purchase’ as the category, enter your email address, and send away. One of our Support staff will be in contact with you as quickly as possible. If you already submitted a ticket under ‘Ban Appeal’ then that’s fine - please don’t make a new ticket for the same issue.

  • Camel calfs cannot be raised in Stables, so can’t be used as a mount
    As the title suggests, camel calfs are unable to be raised into their ride-able counterparts. You can still spawn the camel mount through the admin panel. We’ll have this resolved in a mid-January patch.

  • Demolisher changes
    Demolishers, the big battering ram enemies in purges, are dealing more damage than intended to structures and may destroy building pieces much faster than expected. This will also be addressed in the mid-January patch. Some changes were made to Demolishers that were not listed in the patch notes as well - we apologize for the accidental omission. Demolishers now always have their battering rams out instead of only ‘unsheathing’ them when near a valid target.

  • Character rotation when swinging melee weapons
    We’ve seen some discussion about a change in Chapter 3 where, essentially, you need to press a movement input while attacking to rotate in the direction of your cursor. The changes seen in Chapter 3, as I understand it, are intended changes to address a bug - those accustomed to the system from Chapter 2 can turn off Controller Style Movement and Rotatable Stationary Camera under the ‘Gameplay’ tab in Settings to get back to a similar feel, although this causes your character to always rotate automatically with your camera. Your mileage may vary. Naturally, we’ll keep an eye on feedback about this change.

  • Cannot view updated Privacy Policy while Steam Overlay is disabled
    Chapter 3 includes an updated data collection privacy agreement, but if you’ve disabled the Steam Overlay then you may not be able to actually view the document. Please enable the Steam Overlay if you encounter this issue. We’ll have a fix for this in the mid-January patch.

If there’s anything else you’ve encountered or discovered with the launch of Chapter 3, please let us know in this thread. Thank you for your patience, Exiles.


The below issue was resolved with a server reboot. Hopefully the banned players can join me soon and enjoy the game.

I was enjoying the updates on official server 1818 and got disconnected. Since then, I get an authentication error when I try to log back into 1818. Funny thing is that I can log into every other official server that I have characters on, but 1818 gives me an authentication error. Please take a look at this as the opportunity arises.

And what to do if my ticket was kinda accepted but closed and with this?

wrong panel and need to create new ticket? because 2 hours passed after answer and still ‘‘banned’’…

dear @AndyB Andyb

why not turn off the banning of people with negative crom coin balance so we can play while you fix the issue?


Takes a deep breath
With all due respect, this is extremely disappointing. A new Tavern system was introduced with Chapter 3 and it was the company’s choice to make the Barkeeper only obtainable through the Purge, which is broken due to God-Demo-Styigans.

Why would a player even bother engaging in Purges while this is broken? There is not only all risk and little to no reward, but I’d argue negative returns considering all the repairing and rebuilding one would have to do.

So core systems of the game are now unplayable for at least 5-6 weeks is what we learned today?

For the love of your beard, Andy… please tell me this isn’t how it’s going to be with this game!


This was my first thought as well. “Mid-January” is not a hotfix like originally posted in the patch notes. This is 1/3 of the entire chapter.


First point, there should never be any system to “BAN” a player automatically due to issues with store purchases. You could simply make it so that the bazaar and any corresponding purchases on the account are unavailable to be used until the issue is resolved, but the player can still get in the game and play with at least the DLC’s from the old system. You need to address this.

For 2,3, and 4, having core game play mechanics broken until a month from now is unbelievable. So basically the whole new additions of AOW Ch3 is unplayable for a month?! Give me a break. And yes, the attack movement change is not right, it needs to go back to how it was before, thats my feedback.

Every chapter has major game breaking bugs, maybe you guys need to let things cook a little more before release and do some proper live testing. This is no criticism pointed at you Mr Andy, you are a fine fellow and I know your not the one making the game, but the development team needs to get all these issues handled preferably before you release an update and if an update breaks the game… if I were the CEO I would suspend all vacations and breaks until the issues are resolved.


in oslo vacations are mandatory, regardless of what happens, they will go on vacation.


So no one any where there does any working at all? No police, stores open, bars open??? Just asking.


i guess for public servants there are people who works while others are on vacation, a game developer company i dont think they are strategic to the well being of poeople in the country.

i do know the vacations times are mandatory in norway. how that is done and how it works i have no idea.

oh well,

this has been the worst patch i have seen in my history of playing funcom games (That includes age of conan)… terrible update :frowning:


Mid January? Beyond belief. You should have KNOWN something like this would happen as you drop the ball every single update, seems like it’s a ball dropping arms race against yourselves.


Only Funcom could make such a monumental blunder with content that “sounds” so good. There is no way known I am running purges with broken OP demolishers to get a barkeep to use the tavern system that (as good as it sounds in theory) seems to be the core feature of an “Age of War” (Age of Drowning Sorrows?). Especially with the horrendous looking demoltion job you seem to have done on the combat system I loved.

Are you hoping modders will fix all of this for you? I’ll bet one of them is working on it right now (and others probably wondering what game they should move onto modding as you keep breaking everyone’s hearts). Not in a FRICKIN MONTH.


Then you don’t release a major update right before mandatory vacation. Especially with the recent track record of releases. Or without a rollback plan.


You can very easily get around that problem if your goal is just to access the tavern system

  • First of all barkeepers are not level locked to any purge tier, so you can just spam level 1 purges and get one
  • But! You can also walk out in the middle of nowhere… like… find an empty field… plop down a treasure coffer… start the purge without any buildings whatsoever… and the demolishers then won’t do a single thing… they’ll walk up to the coffer and have a coffee break :man_shrugging:

Either way, while it’s not pretty, there are workarounds


I’m done.

EDIT: I was done for about a day then I got over my hissy fit and dummy spit because Testerle and Xevyr saved the day with mods that fix the screw ups.


If I could eventually get in to play at all, yeah


First of all barkeepers are not level locked to any purge tier, so you can just spam level 1 purges and get one

Is this confirmed? Last I heard from the PTR testing you had to do at least a level 5.

oh i am in agreement with you,

funny, do you guys remember funcom denis when he was asked why the siege was not in siptah, his words were they did not want to bring something broken …

this patch is totally broken the game for maybe hundreds if not thousands of players. its been more than 12 hours since this patch without proper testing was introduced.

this was in testlive and those issues were not present, so i am guessing , they made changes wihtout proper testing, and hell broke loose ?

really worried about how long will take funcom to solve this. and if they have the man power for m,anually fixing each individual case, and if funcom is already on mandatory vacatons at Norway or not.

so many blanks… i dont understand how this will get fixed.


it is, but chances on a level 1 purge could be lower, it does happen on purge level 1 , but remember there are less cages. meaning less chances



That’s an entire month of people exploiting the heck out of this issue on PVP servers.

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