Facing in Combat Inconsistent

Is anyone else getting a facing issue when executing actions/combat?


  • Start action facing in one direction

  • During execution of action, change facing dramatically

  • If in combat, get locked into an animation while enemies stab you

It’s bad enough in regular combat, but in mob/purge combat, it is near insta-death.

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Disable the “Auto facing on attack” option in your gameplay settings.

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Yeah, we tried that. Unfortunately, it did not work. This is a new behavior since the most recent Beta update.

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I get now what you mean.

Yes, they removed the instant rotations for attacks. Now your character needs to turn slowly.

Best solution is to turn your character prior attacking.

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The issue we are having is we will be facing one direction and, in the middle of a combo, suddenly we are rotated 90-180 degrees, thus missing the target.

Couple this with the slowed dodge and slower stand and it is a recipe for frustration.

Add in the NPC ability to rotate mid attack and it just adds to the fun.

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