Game chat seems broken

Game mode: *| Online private |
**Type of issue: Other
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: NA
Hardware: Xbox Series X

Bug Description: Game chat on Xbox seems to fail almost all the time. I’ve only gotten it to work once and it was for a short duration. I thought my mic was broken so bought a new one and it still didn’t work. However if you join in a party and use Xbox party chat it works perfectly. I’ve asked other players on the server and they have the same issue

Expected Behavior: For game chat to work

Steps to Reproduce:

I’m not sure how to reproduce it, as I can’t get it to stop. I reproduce it by simply playing the game and it doesn’t work from the time I load in the the server to the time I leave. I had it occurring on another server as well but haven’t tested it farther

Edit: I’m not sure why some parts of my post are bold and have larger letters

I seems to have the same problem on the pvp EU server 7034. The micro doesn’t appear on the players list for me but I’ve one connected to my gamepad recognised by the XBox. While all other players have one. I doesn’t hear anything in the headphones too but when I’m going on the XBow configuration headphones and micro everything seems ok. I’ve no clue on how to make it works.

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I think that those icons are so you can mute other players, as every one in my list except me has one, and I obviously can’t mute myself

I have asked several players on the discord of the server I plan and they have all said they couldn’t get game chat to work

We’ve been using partychat as a workaround

So you work for FC?..Cause thats why they dont fix things, they dont know how to make it work…anything

I know there aren’t that many Xbox players on here, but if any one on Xbox has gotten game chat to work I’d be interested to hear about it

I managed to get it working for a few minutes yesterday but then the game crashed and it was no longer working again

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