Game closes just before it gets to the login scree

since the new update i experience that when i run the patcher game goes thru it cycles till it gets to “START”…when i start the game it stats it cycle and closes just before it gets to the login screen…i tried this on 6 different clients that i have saved at different locations and they all do the same thing, once “START” is pressed it goes in and closes just before the login screen…

Any advice/how to fix/bypass this?

Hello @KingKhainen, sorry to hear you’re having difficulty with the game client. Troubleshooting issues like this requires more information, so please go to and submit a tech support ticket if you haven’t done so yet. One of us be replying as soon as possible to assist you further.

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Here is the new issue…i did report it and as of yet no response…#1080847 and a few days later again …#1081170

Do you have another Funcom game? Does it do the same thing? Assuming other heavy graphics games work correctly? Are you using steam or regular client folder?

Did Windows recently update your video card driver? I would reinstall a fresh driver from nvidia/amd whichever you have. And do a restart.

Make sure your ISP isn’t blocking connection and that you click yes when the launcher prompts the UAC box to hit yes/no for conansystemtweaker.

It looks like Umborls managed to help you resolve the issue in your ticket :slight_smile: Ticket processing can take some time due to the amount of support demand we receive, but we sincerely appreciate your patience while your ticket made its way through the queue. If anyone else is seeing similar issues and requires assistance then please send us a tech support ticket and we’ll be happy to help as soon as we can.

What was the answer?
In case someone else has the issue

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