Game constantly freezing with Audio still playing

I’ve been trying to play for a few hours now. Game started and ran perfect for the first hour and then it randomly froze and I had to force quit by using Windows+Tab because the game wouldn’t let me alt tab or open task manager. I tried restarting repeatedly after that. I tried both maps, restarting my of, redownloading, checking integrity of files and everything is fine. I can play for about 5-10 minutes and then it will freeze, I’ll hear audio but the game is stuck and then we repeat. I’ve looked as many other forums as I could but I have yet to see any solutions. I’d truly appreciate any help.

I’m running an i7-13700kf (no integrated graphics)
An RX6650XT
32gb DDR5 Ram
2TB Gen 4 (crucial p3 plus) m.2 SSD

Your PC is too good for the game :smile:

Greetings @Vo1se and welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Can you let us know which platform (steam, windows game pass) have you been playing?

If possible, please, share us a video as well where we can verify the mentioned behavior. If you prefer you can send the video trough a private message.

Hi @ZahMaiatt.

I’ve been experiencing something similar to this while using the Windows 10 Store version. I can go a couple hours generally before this happens however, and it doesn’t always even then.

Capturing what happens in a video wouldn’t really help I don’t think, as no error message flashes up at all. My screen freezes to whatever frame it was on and the audio keeps going.

When this happens for me, Alt-Tab doesn’t work, but pressing the Windows key does. When I do this however, my task bar and Windows start menu is the only thing I can get to show over top of the game window.
Attempting to close Conan Exiles from the taskbar doesn’t work, and bringing up the Taskmanager with Ctrl-Alt-Del is not effective, as it is underneath the Conan Exiles game windows and I can’t use it.

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