Game is freezing and then crashing constantly

Sometimes it takes a minute, sometimes 15, but it started to happen all the time in the last 4 days.
Game completely freezes, while music is still playing on the background, if I am in full screen mode - ALT-TAB does not work, and after a few minutes in the stuck mode, I am getting disconnected from the server.
Using Official servers only.
Tried single player mode - same results.
Reinstalled game 3 times - same results.
Updated/installed/reinstalled NVidia drivers - same results.

I need some support on this issue. I can provide logs or whatever information is needed to figure out what is at fault and how to fix it.

Thank you!

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For me, not using DX10 worked, and there is one launcher issue, just ignore or continue past that. Its a pity as I know on Windows 10 I used to be able to play with DX10, but not on Windows 11 :frowning:

It seems that is related to the RTX 4080 card that I am using. It works great on all other games, I play, but crashes in Conan. I switched to 3060 to test and everything works with no crashes.

I think you are in the wrong forum sub-section : there is no solo in Age of Conan.

Its called Single player/coop. You can find it on the main menu…

Not in Age of Conan. Most likely you mean Conan Exiles?

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Dang it. You are correct. Exiles.

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