Game crashes in single player with the use of the arcane stuff

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Basic Info:
Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Single Player
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: =SERVER NAME=

Bug Description:
The game crashes when ever I try to use the stuff: Conan Exiles - Game crash on triggering the stuff 's spell select menu - YouTube

Bug Reproduction:
When ever I trigger the arcane stuff to open the spell select menu the game freezes and crashes


I can confirm, I thought more people would be complaining about this.
@Kazalakis your video is set to private, I don’t know about these things, I don’t know if the Devs can view it unless you set them permission somehow. Just a heads up.

Here is my Bug Report

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I just fixed the video to puplic so people can see it easly.


Hello there everyone!

Thank you for your reports and for the provided information!

We’ll go ahead and add this to our report, thank you for your diligence exiles!

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This one has a similar story, but without anything different from what is already mentioned.

This one managed to use two of the zomb-pocalypse orbs from the battle pass.
But with the third attempt, blue screen if doom.

Likewise any efforts at non-bottled spell casting.

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Since the spell casting can be used to online with no issues (as far as I saw), can you farm star metal with out explosive arrows ?

If,IF it doesn’t freeze/crash your game, yes, the harvest resources spell strips the star metal right out of the meteor without needing explosives.
If you are on Exiled Lands, you’ll likely get some black ice as well, it is not a small spell.

That said, the corruption required and gained is not insignificant and it does cost a higher end reagent pouch, which is basically an alchemical base and some other easy materials.

Bring a bearer, you may become over encumbered. Especially if you are on a server with a harvest multiplier.

Also, it does take a moment to cast, so make certain you don’t have hostiles nearby.

Edit: Crashes are far less common once one is successfully on a server, but they can still happen, and this is one of the easiest ways to cause lots of lag/slow down
It makes an avatar look processing power negligible.

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Yep, that happens. And also just browsing the pass and challenge tabs causes the game to freeze constantly.

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@Koschgine absolutely another random screen lockup bug, although the frequency is much less than the sorcery wand lockup.
I gamed with a certain amount of dread of tabbing past [Bazaar] and [Battle Pass] tabs as just travelling past them can cause a random lockup screen.

I was very happy to find Conan Exiles Sorcery has included a shortcut wheel for the Challenges/Battle Pass/Bazaar tabs. on the Left Thumb directional pad the [right directional tab] is still the MAP,
the [LEFT directional Tab] is the new shortcut wheel so you can quickly check the Challenges without having to Tab all the way Right past Character, Attributes, Feats, etc, etc, etc, through all items to get to the Challenges while adventuring.

I was not doing the Challenges until I stumbled across that little shortcut wheel option.

@Kazalakis I was able to see your Youtube video now.
You nailed it.

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