Game crashes on Start

The game crashes while starting. I cannot even get to the home menu. This has been happening since Age of Sorcery. I’ve already re-installed, checked integrity of files, and restarted my pc multiple times over. The pc is high end, new, and I did not have this problem before Age of Sorcery. I’ve submitted crash reports when the popup occurs. This has been ongoing for over a week. I guess I’m not participating in battlepass at this rate.

Also, before anyone says it, yes my pc drivers are up to date.

Greetings Hitomi!
Thank you for reporting your situation regarding your crashes.

I see you’ve already covered many of the steps that we usually advise players to take. I’m sorry to hear they didn’t work to this point.

In order to properly help you, could you first tell us if you’re using mods? If so, did you deleted the file
Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods\modlist.txt and manually unsubscribe from all your Conan modes?

Additionally, we suggest for you to use the Steam option to ‘‘change accounts’’ in order for the system to force Steam to disconnect your account, and then please try to play online again.

Ultimately, I see that you have already uninstalled your game and verified your files as well.
When you uninstalled, did you checked if every folder/file from Conan Exiles was deleted properly? It is possible that some have remained and are actually corrupted, resulting in your game crashing.
If you haven’t done this, I suggest you do the following steps:
1 - Uninstall the game
2 - Check if every folder/file was properly removed
3 - Reinstall the game
4 - Verify files
5 - Attempt to play

Please let us know if the issue persists after performing the suggested steps Hitomi.
Thank you for reaching out to us!

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Game started working several days ago after we got an indication telling us which mods were preventing us from playing. Thanks for that, whoever made that update.

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