Game crashes upon joining a server with mods on EGS

I downloaded Conan on Epic games, but every time I try to join a server with mods the game just crashes , is there a fix and if not, WHY NOT!!!?

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Hey @Sponsie

Thanks for reaching out. We would need more information from you in order to determine what is causing this issue for you.

  • Which mods are you using?
  • Are you downloading the mods from the server using the in-game mod download system, or have you downloaded them manually before joining?
  • If you have downloaded them manually, please make sure to have them loaded in the same order as the server

We have also edited the title of your thread to better reflect the issue. To see how to report an issue in a way that can help our team to better assess it, you can also check this thread.

Thanks in advance.

There are players here who work with mods who should be able to help. I am on Ps4 and have no clue. Good luck :+1:

Thank you! I will screen shot the mods now and I am downloading them from the server.

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