Game crashes when inventory opened

Game mode: [Online official 2585 | PvE]
Problem: [Crash]
Region: [Does not appear to be region specific has happened at B11, B12, C11, C12, G9, and K4]

After the patch my game crashes much more frequently than before. (Server xbox online official 2585 PvE). The crash is connected opening player inventory. When i open my inventory the game locks up and then after a minute or two crashes. The server appears to function as if i was still playing. This causes death due to starvation or thirst.

Also when I try and access my body to recover items the game crashes and continues to crash every time i get near the body, until the body is gone. The Thrall following player continues to wander the area and does not return home, it eventually vanishes.

One note I also play single player and co-op, this issue is not present in single player or co-op.

I carry a fair amount of stuff in my inventory so that could be an issue, the avatar is level 60 and i have all 4 DLC. I have seriously never experienced this issue in single player mode so i suspect this is an online/or server issue. This also has not happened in Co op. I have no other add on other than the four DLC available for purchase. If it matters i also (and my Thrall (Sadeh the Lithe)) wear war paint ( The Purple Towers)
If you all would look into this it would be great at level 60 the player has a fair amount of hard to get stuff that is forever lost due to this bug.
A different player can press and hold X on your dead body and recover all of your items. (my wife and i both play and I have recovered her items this way.)

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Many items in inventory
  2. Thrall following (if player death)
  3. After player death or immediately after logging on
  4. access inventory or attempt to recover items off dead body.

To clarify my earlier. Post, that was before the current hot fix I just now down loaded the 2 .18.2019 hot fix when I started up the game I was dying of thirst. Before I could access hot wheel I was dead. Game then crashed. I tried to log back in 5-times, the game crashed each time within 15 to 20 seconds. Server online official 2585 PvE again no problems with single player or co-op…update I waited two more hours game crashed again… Additional update one hour later game still crashes seconds after start up (getting concerned about food for thralls as it has been two days I cannot get online):…further update did new install on different Xbox one game crashed within seconds…game still crashing 5 hours later FUNCOM should restore/replace lost thralls and equipment due to this bug (just saying)…update 21 hours after post the game did not crash today (finally), items I had are gone. Entire base gone, along with two named thralls (fighter and a dancer), other thralls just standing outside all alone, crafting thralls gone FUNCOM this needs fixed a response would be nice too (Do you all at FUNCOM even read these messages)

Hey @kazorvey

Thanks for the heads-up, our team will look into it.

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