Game: Destiny 2

Anyone else playing this? I picked it up a few days ago. It’s… okay. I mean, a (coop) MOFPSRPG* is what I want more than tab target/RNG combat, but it’s not a perfect match (neither were The Division nor Defiance**).

Anyway, it’s good entertainment. And I get to punch things in the face, not just shoot them.

*That’s a long acronym!
**Why do MOFPSRPG start with the letter D?

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I’d say ‘Warframe’ but that’s not a FPS. It’s pretty fun (and their community team are my idols)


I tested it when it was in Beta, and well… I personally did not like it. I liked Destiny 1 way much more. I generally like FPS games, and MMO’s… And MOBA’s… Currently Im in love with Overwatch x)

FPS/TPS, same same (more or less). Both The Division and Defiance are TPS when I think about it.

I’ve played Warframe too, but I have two issues with the game. One is the aesthetics I don’t like the biological look of the warframes. The second is running instances with others players. If I happen to get in a group with high geared players, all I’m doing is running from start to finish without contributin at all. The high level player(s) are rushing ahead and kiling everything before I can get a shot off. I really want to like it.

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I can’t play any other game coz TSW/SWL has me conditioned and institutionalised…
I’m not even lying


I’ve been playing with PS4 Pro and XBox one X and had fun time with both. But I like Destiny 1 way better… because D1 has Sparrow Horns and I miss my Clown and Duckie horns :smiley:
Casual Looter-Shooters are only FPS games I play.

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I miss Borderlands. :frowning:

All right, so after completing the story and then messing around a bit with:

The good

  • It’s a FPS that plays like Halo (in fact, I’ve lost track of the number of times I went “oh, just like Halo!”)
  • Good graphics, and run well on my ageing gaming laptop.
  • Fun events

The Meh:

  • Oh look, you’re the chosen one again. Well, except for all the other ones running along side you in every zone…
  • I know it takes time to build a world like this, but the reuse of locations for missions grow old. “You knw the place you just were in and blew up, go back and blow up something more”
  • Gear grind is confusing at first and just tiresome as you progress.
  • Events are not very challenging nor do they offer much in rewards
  • Strikes (3 man dungeons) are okay. Just feels a lot like they do in Skyforge, and is run and gun or bullet sponge bosses.

The bad

  • Game grow old fast after story mode
  • PvP for newbies = instant death. TTK is super low. I literally die in less than 1-2 seconds against most enemy player, and this ain’t my first FPS.

I’ll either buy an expansion to get more story or simply uninstall it.

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Attempting solo/duo Nightfall has been giving me the same kind of feeling than duoing nm group scenario or that kind of stuff. In even less forgiving.
On PVP there are a lot of different modes though. But agree that it can be a bit hardcore at first.
Otherwise agree with your analysis.

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Yeah, I am playing this game and I am the craziest Fan of playing Destiny 2 game ever since one of my former friends suggested me to Buy Destiny 2 from the official site of Instant-gaming at Best deal Price. I have also been through PS4 Pro and XBox one X and had the fun time with both, But as far as I am playing a game on PC, I like to play games on PC only.

I have not played this one but yes am also a very huge fan of playing Destiny 2. I have also gone through Xbox One and PS4 both are great, I have got this game Destiny 2 at an amazing price from this site. I will play this game soon, I like to play games on console it is much more comfortable and fun.

Since Activision/Blizzard is giving the base game away for free I decided to pick this up and played it on my day off from work. I really do not see the appeal. As Nordavind said it feels just like Halo which I didn’t care for either. Plays like your typical console shooter.

Yep another boring pew pew clone.

I just started D2 with XB1X again after long pause after I stop playing it with PS4 Pro. Man this Forsaken is fun. I loved Prison of Elders in D1 and… it is so fun to pew pew again. New gear system is cool too. It has gone a lot to D1 direction and I liked D1 better after D2 launch. Wonderful time sink with all the new activities. Besides 4K HDR with big screen is just a hoot!

Not played it for a while, but base game for free is great value. Superb graphics with beautiful cut scenes and support good story. And not sure if it can give additional appeal, but that has an active pvp part and nightfalls are quite challenging pve wise.

I also have the free base-game ( It still is free till the 18th, i think ) on PC.

Honestly, it can be fun with friends but also gets old very quick. I can´t say exactly why. Maybe because it is all instanced and i just like open worlds/maps and a bit of exploring or just sandbox-elements. The events do spice it up a little bit. The story doesn´t really impress me but the cutscenes are indeed very good (The story would work better as a movie in my opinion). Haven´t seen a lot of the game (got to Level 15 or so) but there also was no moment when i thought “I wanna see the rest of the game/story!”.

But i had the same or similar problems with games like “Defiance” and “The division”. The games all lack of elements wich make them more “MMORPG-like”. The only game with (basic/simple) Shooter-Mechanics that worked for me as an MMORPG is still “Fallen Earth” because it had/has a strong MMORPG-atmosphere around it (Even if it is bugged, has bad graphics, bad animations and is overall very outdated):

Deep crafting, a lot to explore, huge maps, sandbox elements, a world that feels like a world, a good story wich works in text-form and has mostly no cinematics, nodes you can harvest, mops you can harvest/loot, camps/things you can build, areas you can control through PVP, players you can meet in the world and not just in social hubs, no level-sync, things to discover etc.

That´s basically what i wanna see as a shooter-MMORPG.
A MMORPG with guns, literally.

Yep. I wanted to love them, but they just lacked in the MMORPG aspect. Same with Warframe.

Me too. MMORPG[F|T]PS.

Sounds more like ESO but for the level sync thing. This list could go into SWL suggestion thread.

Destiny is a looter-shooter. If you guys play it as a MMORPG… well, theres your problem there :stuck_out_tongue:

Yup, ESO is a great game, but i have to be in the right mood for it.
It´s far from perfect but it really shines in some aspects.