Game: Paladins or Overwatch (or something else)

Do you play any hero shooters? If so, which one(s)?

I chose to go for Paladins a couple of years back. Great community (apart from salty team mates when you lose) and I like the lore.

It’s not a game I play all the time, but I fire it up from time to time to get some matches going.

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sometime i play overwatch on my PS4 on weekend

I love Overwatch. It does have pretty salty community in competitive games, but… If you can go to ingame voice chat and actually make small call-outs, all of a sudden people are way much more friendly!

I have Paladins (won a beta key far back)…Hi-Rez on a good day has more bugs than Funcom on a bad release day. Sometimes it wouldn’t even start thanks to them botching up something again.

Overwatch is something I on the other hand probably never play, to similar to TF2 and class shooters in general, something that is true for Plaadins too but that I at least got for free.

For me the main issue is that I already have hundreds of hours in TF2 back when it was the thing and I kinda got bored of hero/class shooter (shooters where not everyone plays the same character. For example CS, Halo, Unreal, Quake whatever)…been there done that. For me not much seperates Overwatch from TF2 except that Overwatch has a fresh layer of paint and more modern/fluid combat.

That said I am probably the exception as I game pretty broad and many games and so technically have seen nearly anything in some form.

I can’t say I noticed the bugs much. I mean, I read about this and that ability having issues, but never felt I met anything game breaking. And never had issues launhing the game. I’ve played since fall 2016 ish.

I play overwatch on my PS4.

I left TF2 for Overwatch, spent a year in it, and eventually found my way back to TF2. I really wanted to make the jump but the casual friendly alltalk pub scene in TF2 is simply more fun :frowning: