Game does not start even after reinstallation

Game mode: all
Type of issue: crash
Server type: * pve
Region: europe
Mods?: No
Edition: *Steam

Bug Description:

can not start the game, after hit the start button in the launche the game does not start anyway. Even the launcher does not show that the game is running and my taskmanager shows that there does not start a single task of conan. I have reinstalled the game already and i changed the folder it is safed in.

Expected Behavior:

Please tell me a way how to fix that problem

Steps to Reproduce:

started game via steam - laucher started - hit startbutton in the launcher - game does not start - checked it with the taskmanager opend - there was not any task from conan exiles just the launcher so the launcher seems not to start the game anymore

Mine has been broken for a while now. I made a desktop shortcut to the executable from the “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Binaries\Win64\ConanSandbox_BE.exe” to my desktop and use that now after the launcher is open.

Tried that fix and still nothing. ■■■■■■ is zero help…SMH

I found the solution even when it sounds stupid but i only can start conan exiles with the startfile in the explorer the launcher itself seems to fail everytime to start the game

A I have such a mistake.
The instruction at the address "(different values each time) “accessed the memory at the address “0x00000000”. The memory cannot be " Written”
I have already tried everything that is advised on the Internet (including reinstalling the game) up to disabling DEP. But the error does not stop. I have this error only with Conan Exiles, other games work fine. I tried to run both from the administrator and from the “True administrator” and directly through the folder and gave the maximum load on the RAM, well, I tried everything. I decided that if the error only with Conan Exiles and any other fixes in the PC did not help, then the error is in Conan Exiles, somewhere in the folders.
Tell me, is it possible to solve this problem ? or I will have to forget about the game, or reinstall Windows ?

Greetings @XIKKI_MAru.BOYs,

Have you updated your game today? We sent a Patch just a couple of hours ago.

Make sure to update and verify the files just in case. If the issue persists please reach out to us again.

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