Game Item I Dump Immediately

Advanced weapon and armor repair kits.

They drop all the time, can’t be dismantled, can’t repair Epic level gear, can’t be upgraded to Master.

Aside from spoiled gruel, it is the only thing I immediately drop if included in the harvest of a mini or world boss.

Even a stone weapon can be dismantled and used to make brick, which makes it 100% more desirable than and Advanced armor or weapon repair kits.

Perhaps when normal play would get you to 60 in a month or so, they had a place, now, if it takes a week to level to 60, I’ve not been trying, so they are just useless weight.


Altho it makes me cry inside, I tend to drop most alcohol immediately.
Heavy, often a glass of wine outweighs my weapons, and of questionable utility at best.

I also drop Tulwars of Amir Khurum. Is there a greater waste of a skeleton key?

However, yes, agreed, the mediocre repair kits serve little purpose for the majority of the time I play.


1 day if you are dedicated :slight_smile:


I say stuff a well protected vault full of as many of those things as you can find and leave it for your enemies to break into. :smiling_imp:


Yeah, and put waymakers: ‘My most valuable things’ :rofl:


Used some right after getting them some low level gear didn’t repair much at all and you can only use one on a item.

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3 hours if you know what youa re doing^^

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I keep a chest full of alcohol and Scorpion Harness. Before heading out I chug x5 for str/vit buff, put Scorpion Harness on to clear alc poisoning, put harness back in chest.


So many “Legendary” weapons make me sad for how terrible they are.


Three units of alcohol buff your vitality. :smirk:
Or is that from a mod I have? :thinking:

The reason I started this thread is not, merely, to complain. Along with complaining, I wanted to highlight where the otherwise awesome integration of resources just falls apart.

I can turn meat into food or compost which can be used to grow plants, which reduces my need for farming, which frees me up to adventure and build and I love how the game intertwines resources, most of the time.

When they brought in the dismantling bench, I didn’t see a lot of use, but that’s because I was sticking to mid range area where the dismantled drops were commonplace items. Now I keep a dismantling bench at every maproom and every base to process higher end items I do not need. It’s a reason I never go hunting for obsidian or make composite obsidian. Thrall hunting in the Volcano region gives me all the composite obsidian I need to give leveled thralls an obsidian greatsword and guard my assets.

It’s why I never make steel and rarely make hardened steel anymore, what with the New Asagard and above steel drops and the hardened steel weapons I pick up like candy.

Things like the Advanced Repair kits do not fit in this dynamic and are wasted space and weight.


How do you build without a large amount of steel?

I think what he means is, he doesn’t smelter ore, he dismantles equipment for steel.

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I realized that he dismantles. But is it enough for the construction of the base?

I know arrow dismantling was removed, but sheesh. Arrow? If not Iron, drop.

Advanced you can use on starmetal pickaxes, its what I mainly use them for

This. I’m always beyond their utility when I find them… I’ve littered the world with them.


As @Talyna indicated, I dismantle items for steel or get steel as loot drops.

What I never do, once I get past that initial hump is convert 2 iron ore into an iron bar and then 5 iron bars and a steelfire into a steel bar.

If I run into a situation where my loot drop and dismantled steel revisor is not sufficient, I smelt ore to iron bars, turn the iron bars to iron reinforcements, then turn the iron reinforcements into steel reinforcements with a T3+ BS and steelfire I made from the alchemical base I got from T3 bearers and gathered brimstone, then turn the steel reinforcements into steel bars at a cost of 1-1.

I keep around 10K iron bars in reserve for emergencies and 1K steel bars on all benches that might use them so when I want to make something, I make it and replenish the items used.


Not a mod, that’s standard behavior. At 5 you also get +3 str.

How you get metals depends on your playstyle I guess. I play only PvE and I farm UC a lot for Sword of Crom and other drops, also Frost Temple for XP. I end up with more iron/steel/hardened steel than I can use. When I get ~5k stashed I just stop picking it up anymore. If I have a construction burst and blow through my stash I resume collecting until I build up reserves again. But the only time I ever make my own metal bars is early game. Once I’ve got some good thralls and gear and am in full swing hunting I loot more than I can use.