A different approach to repair kits in AoW

I would really like to see legendary repair kits (soon to be grandmaster), be able to fully repair any NON legendary weapon without a chance of durability loss. I understand the approach to making legendary items non repairable, but what’s the value in these grandmaster kits, if they still have a 10% chance of permanent durability loss to the item they’re repairing? The need to find a temper smith/wright is no longer a time sink for many of us, since those kits no longer have substantial value. This game will depend on time sinks to keep people engaged past lvl 60. I -LOVE- this game, and have no intention of quitting permanently, but without time sinks that feel they have some kind of value, my long term vacations from active gameplay will likely take place.

Make them more expensive to craft if that helps, or make the temper crafters more rare in spawn, but keep the value of those kits intact for non legendary items.

Thank you for reading <3

I disagree to some extent. I’m not a great fan of permanently degrading equipment in the first place, but repair kits are a lot more comfortable to carry while on longer treks than spare weapons. Unnamed City runs, Sunken City, etc. are something for which I’d still probably take repair kits.

Unless I get lucky with Baal-Pteor’s weapon drops. I always carry a few of those as spare weapons, but try to use them as little as possible.

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