Game keeps crashing in new update

I feel your pain. It doesn’t work every time and it’s less than ideal in a combat situation but I find pressing right on the controller to bring the map up then r trigger to your inventory reduces the crashes by half. Just let each page load fully before scrolling across. It still crashes a lot but I think it’s a slight improvement. Let me know if it works for you

What about thralls? Any tips?

Only thing that helps is standing in a clear an area as you can get. If the inventory takes too long to load it crashes so anyway you can speed that up should help. That’s why scrolling left past attributes and feats quickly to inventory crashes too, those pages have more to load than going right through the bazaar etc

I play online and if i get crashed so does my friend we both have original xbox one and it would seem my other friend with the new xbox doesnt

i had this problem to in single-player coop game i tried everything cache clear uninstall install change xbox location soft reset hard reset even made a post about it nothing worked the only 2 things i found that work is to play offline with your console not connected to the internet or restart on a new game

Basic Info:
Platform: Xbox One
Issue Type: Crash
Game Mode: Online Official
Server Type: PvE
Map: Exiled Lands
Server Name: 2132

Bug Description:
Game constantly crashes doing anything in the game doesn’t seem to matter it’s random. This time crashed fighting inside a dafari camp.

Bug Reproduction:
Just playing the game…

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It’s crashed four f@#$ing times today!!! What’s this patch doing if everyone’s still having problems guys?

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Experiencing same issues i really just want to play in peace and it feels like the real survival aspect at this point is not crashing during combat :frowning:

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Good Morning! My friend and I play on the official server 7141-Latin America, but it’s impossible to play because every hour the game closes by itself for both me and him! outside invisible bases, invisible animals.

Is it closing randomly or mostly when you try and access inventory?

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Greetings Everyone,

Thank you for providing us with this information. I’ve passed all this info to the rest of the team for further investigation.

Please keep an eye out on our future game updates as we are always working on improving the world of Conan Exiles.


Awesome thank you for the update @Dana!

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I also experience when going near my friends huge base it is more likely to crash as well

Thank you sincerely

I also have this problem. Xbox one single player , was fine before update then can’t even get into my game at all. Get the 3 dots and black screen, even left it doing that for 30 minutes and no load. The other atempt shows it loading then at end a littlte box pops up saying attributes will be reset , press A. Only you can’t and it boots back to xbox homepage, constantly I try every day, no joy. I paid good money for this game I WANT to play my game.

I try to play for hours everyday too but no joy. Hopefully its fixed soon.

Yes I hope so too, I was enjoying playing this game up 'till the update. Now 24 days without play, think I’m getting withdrawal symptom’s. Lol!