Game keeps crashing in new update

They’ve had plenty of time to make sure their game runs at least decently, this is atrocious and not acceptable.


I’m on Series X and have been playing this game for about a week now without issue, even got my wife to join in on single player coop! But today I experienced the same upon logging into my game. Loads into my base, I take two steps and I get kicked right to the xbox dash. When I fire up the game after that, I can’t skip the intro, so i quit the game. Load it up again. Then its straight back to the dash 10secs after I load into my base. Happens in this order regardless of cashe clearing, restarting, or shutting down the console. Now neither of us can play because she started in my single player game, but i can’t stay connected. Also I can’t seem to record a video to share. Apologies. Hope this post helps.

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so nothing is going to get done about this? you guys just gonna ignore the real problems going on or what? pretty sad that i cant even play a game that i payed almost 100 dollars to play.

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This isn’t just an official server thing it happens in custom servers as well, people i play with and myself are just getting annoyed even now with all the issues and near nonstop crashing.

I get that new updates are always a bit buggy but when a bug makes even trying to play irritating it absolutely needs to be fixed as soon as possible.


So ever since the new update my game crashes after playing about 20 minutes then i try to log back in, it doesnt work so i close out the game reboot it up, then it works to get to the main screen, go down to my server then lose connection, puts me back to main screen i try again, half the time it works half the time it dashboards me again and i have to reset the process to play for 20 more minutes.

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Ugh literally lasted 30 seconds on the server before disconnected and can’t join back in…

I gave visual of what I was experiencing. I’d also like to note I experienced a crash just opening up my inventory.

I feel they should really mention that if that’s the case.

Correct. I play solo or co-op and all these problems exist.

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I suppose I should consider myself luck. I play for 30 minutes to an hour before the game crashes on my XBOX. It’s becoming a pain in the @$$!!!

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recent patch helps but the game is still having random hard crashes and crashing when opening inventory, keep this thread alive to let the devs know!

Why would you need a video of a crash?

Game is running, crash to desktop. What are you expecting to see from a game playing and then going to a black screen or straight to the UI to help diagnose the problem?

Right now I can’t even get into the damned game, frozen on the post cinematic black screen with the three loading dots in the bottom left corner.

Would you like a video of that too? Is the repetition of the three dots some secret diagnostic code?

Or are you simply trying to avoid doing anything because you know the majority of us are not going to waste our personal time on videos that don’t do anything.


Several of my tribe mates are having this issue to. We play on a dedi and we all have the same console version but for some reason two of us crash when in our main base near vaults of loot. If we go outside of base its fine and we can play but when getting near the vaults and they open there inventory they crash. We all have Xbox one S, we also had them reinstall the game completely and it still happens. But when we took away some of the loot the lagging and freezing stopped.

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Have the same issues and whats even worse, completing a surge is impossible. Game crashes about every 5-10 minutes losing all items it took to start the surge. And the beginning cinematic not skipping is an issue too.

The information you filled out should now be listed below. :point_down:
Please copy this info and paste it into a new report. Thank you!

Xbox one, official server 2131 - Siptah map

Game crashes to Home Screen when I open my inventory still after newest update also wonky graphics that end in crash, see video below

After which, I restarted game but could not skip cut scene so I had to end game and start again to which I loaded to lost server, see video below

Then after I tried to load in again, I either get screen flicker for 20 seconds or this, see video below

Also, my base is near the new cave at Riverwatch and when I crash at that base and I restart, the game teleports me inside the new cave.

Game has crashed 100% of the times I’ve entered my greater sabbretooths inventory when near Riverwatch above new cave.

Not going to buy Crom coins until game is reliable. Also my kids and wife stopped playing, thanks a lot. :rage:


Ya same here my wife won’t play any games if it crashes too much. I’ve had to have sooo much damn patience with this game.


Not everytime but as much as 10 times a session

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