Game Key not working! Help please!

I haven’t shared my code with anyone, I haven’t used it a single time, still can’t use it.

I got this email today:

Exclusive in-game items for the Age of Conan MMO

Age of Conan: Unchained is Funcom’s critically acclaimed massively multiplayer online game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian. Using the code below will give you these exclusive in-game items: Savage Rhino mount, Survivalist’s Tools, Major Rune Stone of the Exile, Exile title.

Your unique code: --------

But after following in steps I get this message after putting in the code

“We could not find an offer associated with this key, it may already have been used”

Please help…

First step, create an email support ticket:

Second step, wait 3 months for a response.

Other than that, the only long-shot I can think of is maybe it only doesn’t work on one of the two account pages.

Go ahead and try to input it at both account pages:

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I tried making an email support ticket and I got answered this:

Thank you for contacting Funcom Customer Service.

We no longer accept requests for support directly via email.

I visited both account pages, and none of them worked… :frowning:

Where did you get the code from? Is it the code from a game you personally bought from Funcom or did you get the code from something you bought off of Amazon or Ebay?

If it’s from Amazon or Ebay and came from an individual it’s possible they already used the key and then resealed the package and passed it on to you.

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Please use the form at to submit an email ticket. Directly emailing in without using the form will likely result in an error.

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and if you use the form make sure you chose the correct game :wink:


Try this link with a similar issue that has instructions. “Luck be with you.”

Thanks all for replying,

Nebless, I got the code from Steam, buying Conan Exiles Barbarian Edition, so the key that I got in the email should be reliable, I also used the ones for the E-book and other package rewards.

AndyB & Malcom, I sent the ticket already for the game “Age of Conan” because that’s the game I I want to redeem items from… right? Or shall I request to “Conan Exiles” as the items are originated from the package of that game? I will wait for an answer anyway.

And lastly Guiltyfeet, that topic is the one I made before which brought me to make this topic, I got the solution to getting an email with the reward codes of Barbarian Edition, but AoC’s code doesn’t work, that’s the point of why I made this.

Thanks again for the help. Please keep this open until I find a solution…

You’ll want to pick ‘Age of Conan’ since that’s the game you’re actually having trouble redeeming stuff in. Feel free to slide into my DMs and we can try to figure this out.


Alright, I have sent the ticket already. I cannot DM you here, perhaps because I’m new.

Edit: I can message now

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