Game masters? do they respond at all

do any actually work on saga? been waiting on pettiion all day??
but many talk of GM helping certain guild etc aa exploits etc
but dam normal players get no response an wait an wait an wait

We do! Actually. Our wait times are a little longer than they usually are due to the influx of interest in the server. How can I help?


log in game url see petition :stuck_out_tongue:

We take these tickets in the order that we receive them. There is no preference given to any guild associations. We’ll reach you as fast as we can.

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I petitioned 3 days ago about purchasing a wrong item on the t3 vendor and haven’t received a response. Do I need to resubmit another petition?

Have you checked your petition to see if they answered while you were offline?

I had 3 issues (that ended up being issue on my side each time but still :smile: )

Everytime i used this life chat and they responded rather quickly.

I Think the GM´s stepped up on Saga server!
They have been very Active and the waiting time hasnt been long at all.
Compared to Crom they´ve made a great job this far.

I have no problems with GMs answering. I am sure they are busy but they do answer

I believe we get this notice when we initiate a petition however I will point it out here incase people haven’t seen it:
Game Masters are only available to answer petitions for 16 hours a day …specifically USA EST (which I think of as New York time) from 0800 to midnight.
Therefore if you petition outside of these hours your petition will be put in the queue which they will start to clear when they start work. Often you will find a GM has replied to your petition in the petition menu if you were offline when they got to your petition in the queue. Some issues they can resolve for you whilst you are offline, others they request you update your petition next time you are playing.
Tbh I’m not sure what happens for players who only play outside of GM work hours and require a GM to perform an action in game whilst you are on your character to resolve your petition.

I can clear this up! 93-95% of the time, if you’re not online, we’ll do our best to solve a problem while you’re offline by stealthily(or not so stealthily) logging into your character and helping. There are very rare scenarios where we need the player to be logged in to troubleshoot an issue. Most of these issues end up moving into our email support system because we can provide longer, more detailed instructions on how to identify and fix some issues.

Hope this helps!

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The GM’s here are very good.

Waiting close to 20 hours for a GM, finally GM answered to me and closed my petition before, i had chance to answer to him, literally it was 3 minutes. Off course didn’t solved my problem, which is quiet simple, i purchased a wrong t4 chest. I asked him to swap it to a good one. Delete the wrong one and give me a good one. I don’t know what to say really. I am so disappointed! :worried:

He just didn’t want to help, well.

Subscription canceled Thank you, Funcom!

Generally they cannot help you with issues with that because of the time period, as well as not being able to exchange it for a proper one if you’ve closed the vendor store you bought it from. At Least that is what I have been told in recent past.

ofc they can help if they want, I totally understand that, they are can’t pop any item in your backpack just because you asked something. However, if you just ask a simple swap because you got a wrong staff. Well that item is in your backpack, you bought it, obviously you can’t magically get a t4 chest in your inventory, unless you buy it, well that is just to be nice with the customer, who actually paying for the game. This thing happened used to be so many times and lot of GM was very nice, kind and helped you ,but Some of them just well …!

Problems with Game Masters should be taken to

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So, it means that it took you at least 2 days to realize that you bought the wrong item… :roll_eyes:

Unfortunately yes, i got the wrong set of armour. What happened, I bought the chest, then I logged out for few days, when I logged back in and went to an another raid, and when i got my leggings that point I realised, i got a wrong set of chest. Never happened before, i have every class of characters in t4 set and playing whit aoc since they release the game, this time i made misstake.

I wrote up a new “Help” topic to try and clarify our path by which players can have their petitions, chats and emails “reviewed” by a lead. I hope this helps with any of these situations where people feel that they don’t have any way to challenge the experience they had.

Frankly, we want to help in all situations, but there are cases we can’t because of policies, tools available to us or other limitations. We are always, however, happy to have a lead review the unique situations in which players find themselves.

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Finally, i got a refound, so everything has been sorted.