Gm take a long time to respond

Why does GM take up to a month to respond to a request?

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Too few GMs compared to number of requests sent to GMs.
(The GMs share their work between several games, so if there is a lot of problems in one of them the response times will increase for all the games.)

I suspect the GM staff was reduced earlier this year around the time the wait times suddenly increased. For many months now the wait times have been getting longer and longer, with some people indicating you may be waiting up to 3 months for a response.

Very odd considering quarterly reports showing consistent gains and future development of more games.

How in the world would you not invest in sizable CS team ?

Maybe they are moving / only focusing on CS teams for other games, not the 3 MMOs? I can’t really think of another explanation for the cause of such drastic delays this year.

Either new buggy content would have to have come out that drastically increased the petition count, or a major flood of new players appears and starts sending petitions, or the staff size got reduced. Only one option makes sense with what I know of the games.

Its Funcom they show as little interest in AoC as possible they have for years, and as Delred correctly pointed out the only times GM’s respond quickly is if someone use bad language, which apparently in a mature rated game we are not allowed to do for some stupid funcom logic reason, if they was as quick to ban people for hacks as they was with language the game would be in a lot better state, instead they like to hide in their offices until the politically correctness phone goes off . Shame on you Funcm and the shambolic way you run your organisation …

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I don’t think its bad language per se, I think the hammer drops when someone blatantly uses insulting words that are commonly regarded as offensive and degrading.

I personally am not offended by bad language yet there is no call for personal insults, after all this is a game, a pastime, even a hobby.

Sure tempers flare at times, both pve and pvp-but some people go beyond the norm because they feel empowered behind their computer screen.

And why exactly should it be bannable offense if “insult somebody”
Everyone can claim to get offended by anything. I get offended if somebody flags my posts. Gonna report from all of u who do that! :crazy_face:
get banned scrubs
muh feelins

Why? Because we agree to the Rule of Conduct, when we accept to play-

Rule #2 You may not use any sexually explicit, harmful, threatening, abusive, defamatory, obscene, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive language. This includes all communication with other players.

Edit I posted the wrong link - it is under the pinned topic Welcome to the Community! On my mobile now, will try to post a direct link later.

“Racially” well that works only one way
If someone were to be racist towards me, they would not get banned. And don’t think for a second that they would lol.

and “sexually, harmful” please this is game for adults, if somebody really feels threatened because some guy online said “lul i F ur mum” then the person getting heart attack over that should really think about the life choices of losing mind over that.

What on earth has happened when adult men are whinier than little girls lol

Oh and to add, Im sure your link of rules also says something about not being allowed to cheat, but it feels like we are allowed to. So tell me why are they enforcing rule that is not even important, but are not enforcing “do not cheat” rule. And as someone who has played pvp in this game since dawn of times, I do know that they do not bann griefers, afkers. cheaters.

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In no way do I want to defend FCs “anti-chat-policy”, but only because they fail to handle one problem it does not mean they should not even try to handly any problem.
And I think you forget that the habits of language is seen very differently in different countries. One side of the spectrum is “freedom of speech no matter what”, the other side sees language as a tool to execute violence, and punishes hatespeech, threats etc. accordingely. It just depends on the society you belong to.
I may be wrong, but I think Norway belongs to the countries which take hate specch etc. more seriously, as most of the EU does.
So only because it does not affect you it does not mean that all other people see it like you.

Yes the country where u can murder and R@pe people and get no punishment at all (outside of 50 buck fine and a slap on a wrist)

but dear god if u say a mean word to somebody, way to practice censorship, good job.
Because “feelings” are more important than facts and rational thinking in western diseased and sickening side of world

I don’t speak for Funcom, I have no answers of what rules are enforced or why they are not. You must ask that question to someone that is in a position to do so. Sure, I would love to see them all enforced equally.

Since the original thread relates to long GM response time, and the apparent lack of sufficient staff- perhaps that is a possible reason but it is only a guess.

The rules are there and pretty clear to me. It seems a simple enough thing to follow. Cheers :beers:

Thing is, Funcom has nobody to answer those questions, they are told to be silent as grave. They disappear and stay hidden like they always have done. Only to jump out of bushes if sneeze too loudly,
Any sort of question u have for them, dosen’t matter where u send it, U get no response. Or then its “default answer” which basically translates to “we do not care”

Reminds of funny thing back in old forums when Mod or w/e told to send him priva message about “x” stuff. Only to find out his /her inbox is full and you are not capable of doing so :rofl:

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A month? I haven’t get a gm reply in 3 years.

I can confirm that insulting result in getting a faster attention from a GM and a ban for the side that don’t open a ticket. I had a “language fight” with a cry baby in a mini and he was going to tell her mum, right the next day my account was banned. :slight_smile: You should try this to get some attention you know… Cheating in this game or other ilegal actions are completely ignored by Funcom, everyone know that, maybe because they want to make this game going down somehow but the community not allow it just by playing the game over and over again without realising that this game is already forgotten.

Gm dont respond via email for years…

GM dont respond if u have free account. it seems that free to play people are like untermenshes for Funcom

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If u are free to play, Gm’s wont respond or help you in anyway

If you are paying customer, they will respond in a month only to tell you that they are unable to help you.