Game "Not responding" at 90% when i open inventory or skill points window

The game freezes when you open the window with the distribution of skill points. It hangs completely, the music starts to stutter, in the Task Manager the application “Not responding”. It only helps to remove the task and restart the game. It does not depend on the graphic settings at all. You have to remember to manually save the game permanently.

UPD: Not a game but a solid bug! I also found out that there is no possibility to switch from the “Window without borders” mode to the “Full screen” mode. When in the options you set the desired value to “Fullscreen”, then the “Save Changes” button is simply inactive. If, for example, you turn off and immediately turn on “vertical sync”, the button will become active and you can click it, ostensibly saving the changes. But it works until you exit the “Options” menu. If you go back to the settings, you will find that the mode again switched by itself to “Window without frames”! Guys, do you seriously want to release a game that hangs tightly when you open the character or inventory characteristics window, hangs when you press ALT + TAB, doesn’t save settings? This is not even funny. The maximum in Early access to Steam game should go. And certainly not for the amount you ask for it.


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