Game release time

I have potted this in the conan latest news letter.

“We launch the game at 13:00 CEST (1pm) / 7am EDT / 4am PDT on May 8th”

Does this mean we cant play Conan at all until the above time? I thought we could play it at midnight on day of release? PS4 btw


They are using the time to wipe and setup the official servers for the release. It is in the Community Letter you got the times from.

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What is best in life?

To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and hear the lamentation of the women (as Funcom wipes the official servers)!


Must have my pot of Coffee ready! :coffee::coffee::coffee:

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It is probably going to be like the “Oklahoma land rush”–everyone racing to stake out their favorite building sites.

12pm Noon here in the UK, thats nice, will have a nice lay-in so I’m refreshed.
I’ve already booked the day off work, got plenty of snacks and ready to unplug the phone.

Fingers crossed the launch goes smoothly.


Same over here, though I play on pve. But pve conflict sounds nice too…
I wonder about what server to join though…

It’s going to be a slaughter!

Dozens of nude barbarians sprinting and climbing from the deserts over into the deadly jungles. Fighting each other for land claims with stone tools, and having their noobish skulls crushed beneath the fists of gorillas.

I remember last wipe for the Frozen North. I staked a claim out just south of the border cliffs, and stalked the bottom of the cliffs for climbers. Ripe game, with all of their most precious resources and tools, trying to resettle in the inhospitable north. I shot down about 3 players, who fell and -splat- to their deaths.


The Mrs and I only play PvE too and will probably stay on the server we’ve spent the last few months on. There has been a great community of chatty and helpful people on there.

Just about to go and learn what the difference is with the PvE-Conflict servers…

All the time information is in this blog.

So if you rent a private server could you get playing earlier?

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when will we be able to download patch ?

will private server be able to start with release build befor ?

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