What will the live servers look like after patch and launch?


I am new to the forum community. My apologies if this has already been asked / answered, etc. I am still trying to get my footing with navigation.

What will the Official servers look like tomorrow after the launch? I know that during early access, there were a number of different standard server “styles”: PvP Normal, PvP Fast, PvP Mayhem, etc. I am mostly curious about the menu of offerings, and the resource / xp / raid / purge settings and timings associated with each.

Are there any specifics on the Official server purge settings? How many events will trigger purges? Will purge events happen when you or your clan are offline? How much warning prior to the purge event? I know that my group has played with these settings some - I definitely have an idea of what my preference would be, but would like to know what the official or “defaults” are going to be.

If there is a menu list of what will be available tomorrow, I would appreciate it if someone could provide that list, or the link to the relevant discussion thread. If this has not already been assembled - this might be useful press / aid to help hype and prep the players for launch.

Last question - based on the countdown timer, it appears that launch is at 7:00AM ET tomorrow morning. Is this correct? The server wipe will also be taking place prior to this time, correct?

Thank you for any information / detail that you can share!

See here:

And here:

Thank you!

Are there any other details about the Official purge settings?