Game seems to have rolled itself back

Hi everyone. I have a question. Is anyone besides Me experiencing this problem… I started a new game and all was fine. Used my build hammer to make my first benches. I log in the next day and saw that conan had had update… Now this is vanila Conan, no mods. The hammer was gone and the table for creating armorer stuff is totally blank inside, no recipies. All the items that were built with the build hammer now appear as they used to on the left side table of the inventory screen. Pulling My hair out trying to find out what happened. Certain things now do not work such as expansion bows wont fire arrows. Cauldron will not create healing aloe potion. Says unable to start processing, even with propper fuels in bowl. No alchemist table available at all… Period… in knowledge or in crafting… Help Please. And yes, I verified the files already.

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Is this the steam/epic/gamepass version? Other than a full reinstall, I have no suggestions but the platform may play a role.

As of now aloe potions are made in a alchemist bench not a firebowl cauldron something seriously regressed.

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