Game Tweak Update

Pop up message talking about “game tweak update” showing up in the most annoying times, regardless of mods, servers, playing mode (coop, solo, server), etc.

I have messages all the way from may in this forum talking about it.

I have been seeing this message a lot, it is strange because it started now, however prior to september, I had never seen it.

Greetings Exile,

Thank you for your message. Can you let us know if you also play on any Official server?

We await your reply.

Usually, not. However I have joined to test it, and once the message had shown up, but once after the big sorcery update and not again.
However every time I start a nomod playthought solo or coop it does.

Thank you for the additional information. Please try to log in to any Official server and then give it a try again on your solo or coop mode.

If the issue still persists please let us know. :slight_smile:

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I have played some test games around, got to go to a LATAM server 6307.
That is the one I had the message once.
Then as I played there, I noticed that it asked me once, then not anymore.
It turns out it keeps asking me when I am not using BattleEye. When I enable it, it asks only at first and then never again, unless I uninstall BattleEye, in which case, until I install it again, it keeps asking during playthroughs. If I install BattleEye again, then it asks next time, and never more.

It has nothing to do with BattleEye. I have it installed and never turn it off and I get the messages too in Sp.

I think it is somehow related to the battlepass timer since I get it every time around the time when the battlepass timer is resetting itself. Most of the time I then have an empty battlepass screen for a minute or two, before it shows the new challenges and timer again.


Thank you for the additional information. Could you try to connect to that server again now (after the 3.0.3 update) and let us know if the issue still persists when you play again on Single player? :slight_smile:

We suspect there is some backend information the game “pulls” from the official server that could potentially fix the repeated message on single-player.

We await your reply.

For these days I have been playing and it seems it is not asking anymore.

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