Gamepass pc not getting update

I deleted and installed in chapter 3, is this your solution in the new update?

same here. I’m on pc gamepass too. clicked update button but nothing happen. big company but cant provide simple thing.

I will definitely cancel the subscription

Exact same issue here on the standard non-gamepass version, other than a full reinstall that I’ve seen as a fix in other similar threads, anybody know if there’s any files to delete that would force update the game? (Checking for updates and verifying files did not work).

I’m in the same boat. And now that they’ve released two hotfixes in the past 15 days, I’ll need to reinstall the game for the fifth time since I started playing… This is just not fair.
How come if you reinstall the game, it comes with the latest update, but such update never shows up if you try to update the gamefiles you already have installed? It doesn’t make sense.

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