Still no update for PC GamePass users?

how does one force an update on PC game pass? my last update was 11/20/22

The only way I have read about it to reinstall the game

Hey @cmdnumbers you may have to reinstall to get the Chapter 2 update.

My last update was 6/12/2022. The Hotfix STILL hasn’t appeared on gamepass and it was 6 days ago. Come on Funcom, this is ridiculous.

This is on Microsoft. Funcom sent them the update as they did for Steam. Its on Microsoft to check and push it on their platform.

Funcom’s mistake was offering it on the Gamepass platform to begin with. I would say they should remedy that mistake and pull it.

Surely they have some weight to throw about with MS. No issue with updates for any other games on GamePass.

I have not observed that to be true. Darktide is one of the most recent games to be added to Gamepass and has similar issues with updates. They have to reinstall the game to get them sometimes.

OP and others with game pass issues: there are logical reasons for the updates to require complete uninstallation and reinstallation. I’m not sure about the size of the cluster in Conan’s case, but if the game pass app says you need a hard drive with a cluster size of 4k, its auto-update process may always fail. I’m sorry to say this, and it’s not only in MS, it’s also in Steam. My WWE2K22 uninstalls and updates 39GB every time for another similar reason.

OP: When you look at Conan Exiles in your XBOX (PC Game Pass) App, does it say underneath it “Administrator Approval Required for Installation?” If so, your auto-update will always fail unless you launch the XBOX (PC Game Pass) App as an Administrator.

The game package contains all the DLC’s (regardless of whether you own them or not), so it’s around 86Gb, every time.

Updates do arrive on Game Pass, usually within 3-5 days. Unsure why the latest hotfix is taking so long however.

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