Xbox PC Gamepass Update

Hi Everyone,

Why is it when Funcom updates Conan Exiles (as is right and proper) does the Gamepass on PC not update? Is the (apart from uninstalling and re-installing the whole game) any way to force the Gamepass version to update?

So annoying - :frowning:

nope, it will not auto update if you have gamepass pc. you have to uninstall then re download the entire game. been that way for a while

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The problem with this is that my friend and i recently downloaded the game and played it. When the revent update yesterday dropped we uninstalled and reinstalled the game. The uodatr worked but we got banned because of negative crom funds? I put in a ticket and havent heard anything back regardi g this since yesterday morning but having to pay another 50 bucks to unban the account is kinda rediclous. I hope this fixed and my friend and i get reimbursed.

oh is that a known issue? I was wondering why I couldn’t find servers. I’m using the PC Gamepass and maybe it didn’t update.

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