Gameplay on PS4 is not smooth at all

Game mode: [ Single-player ]
Type of issue: [ Performance ]
Hardware: [ PS4 Slim 2017 ]

Bug Description:

Framedrops occur everywhere for no reason.

Steps to Reproduce:

After turning on the game and playing for about 3 minutes, frame drops occur everywhere.
It works well on a PC with similar performance, but on PS4, serious frame drops occur.
The issue seems to be happening more often with the Isle of Siptah.
I want to adjust the graphics options a bit more on PS4.
For example, if I could lower the Foliage Quality option, the game would be smoother.
After having fun on PC, I bought the game to play on PS4, but it’s so sad that I can’t play it properly.

Have you tried playing in performance mode? You must enable it on the title screen options. It might help, however be aware that it truly does change the way the game looks.

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Here is a screenshot of this option.

It’s making the gametextures ugly but also more playable.


Tbh honest ps4 is now an older system. The game hasn’t played well on it for close to a year now

I didn’t see there was a performance and quality mode. Although the resolution is much lower, there are definitely fewer frame drops. Thanks for your kind help.


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