[PS4 BASE MODEL] Framerate issues

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem: Performance
Region: BRAZIL

I’m getting constant frame drops playing on my base model PS4. Are you guys facing the same issue?
Thank you all in advance.

Yes, constant fps drop when moving too far too quick… please fix this funcom…

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yes, FPS drops

(using ps4 pro)

Yes, Fps drop, im blessed

Same here, ps4 base model, disc, fps drop in singleplayer. Will we get the option for draw distance or something like that to increase frames?

im not really noticing huge frame drops, but occasionally there are slight drops. but online servers about every 10-15 mins or so it goes to more like 1 frame per 5 seconds. i think this is when the servers are saving but omg they ruin you, and in the long run could ruin the game if its always going to be like that

I also have FPS drops on the PS4 pro.

I have so much lag in SP on pro that i dont want to play until its fixed… 25 of 30min is lagging and The rest 5min is clean…

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Same here, fps drops on a PS4 Pro mostly when turning quickly or moving fast but sometimes just randomly

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Good its not just me then… this should be fixed asap and be prio 1 for the devs, right? Online i get if it lags cuz its the first week of release and soon many people try to join servers, but Singleplayer should be OK?!
And The big 10-15gb update they talked about is where? I have only got 500mb patch…

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I’m having frame rate issues too on both the standard PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

At times the game can freeze completely for 2-3 seconds, especially when switching to a bow. We really need this addressing as its making the game unplayable at times.

Is a locked 30fps too much to ask for?

Yup, framerate drops for me too: it doesn’t happen very often but when it happens it goes really bad (standard Ps4). basically in certain moments (changing zones?) the game almost freezes over for a couple of secs.

Exactly the same situation as you. I want to play this game so bad but the lagg just makes it unbearable… such a shame when the game is such a gem…

Yes it is a shame that the game is marred by these performance issues, as underneath it all is what looks to be a fantastic game.

Still its early days and we may yet get a fix.

yes fps problems here to on ps4 pro really hope it gets fixed becuse as it is right now it’s just goint to gather dust. too bad becuse the gameplay seems really good and alot of fun.