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Hey Funcom

No idea if you read much on these forums, you guys seem more active on twitter and the likes. But regarding the Gamespot review screw them. Just cos some dude happens not to like this kind of game there is no need for such a poor review. Yeah there are some bugs to fix, but it’s a huge game and not everything was going to be fixed for release.

Everyone knows these kind of reviews are bull anyway, reviews should give pro’s and con’s and be professional reviewing what is there. Not just “This game isn’t to my taste … 3/10”. In my opinion as a Conan fan I think you nailed the setting and the building and combat is awesome.

Just wanted to say keep up the hard work and and thank you so much for bringing this to PS4.


When the items you bake aren’t fully cooked, you put them back in the oven. As much as I love the game, it was not ready for a full release. It needed to cook a bit longer.


Just read the author’s own replies in his comment thread. He’s admittedly not really a competent gamer, not a consumer of such games, and personally requested the opportunity to review Conan Exiles. All wrongs.

If you’re not here to break rocks, you’re not ready to play Conan.

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Well, can’t really disagree with his beef on the GUI. The CE GUI is utter and complete sheit hehe. Especially the chat window and functions.
But other than that, I think they choose the wrong person to do a CE review.
He writes in an answer in comment field that he does have alot of experience with survival games, but this specific game I feel he based to much of his own bias into.
Giving a game a bad score can somewhat turn players who are on the fence wether to buy it or not away, which is a bit sad.
If you see the readers critic it gets a 7.7 on average, so thats good.

Let’s hope Funcom adds some more pve material for us pveers, some QoL fixes on the GUI which I already stated is pretty basic, and the chat window.

And a known bugs list would be loveley :slight_smile: Think we’ve asked for that quite some time … :slight_smile:

By Crom!

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