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As much as I love this game’s intent, this review hits home. I hope you guys can use this feed back to further improve Conan Exiles.

Bs view is bs, just another non survival player

Some players are so well off in the wastelands that they’ve managed to build their own mansion-like structures, and while the creations never truly wow like they can in a game like Minecraft, it does make one wonder why they spent so much time playing a game this mediocre

Oh my god that’s just too funny. Never truly wow like they can in MINECRAFT lmao. Oh my god. This person never left noobie river garden shed zone.


Referenced Metal Gear Survive as a good game. lol

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This review is bad. Sorry but this person doesn’t seem very well versed in survival games and doesn’t comment on anything other than:

  • Buildings look worse than Minecraft…
  • Graphics are bad…
  • The world is boring…
  • Not enough lore…

My review on the game would be the exact opposite :smiley:

This is basically just a glorified forum troll post. Yes fix lag, that’s valid at least…


Oh dear, that review was just terrible. I disagree with just about the entire review. Yeah Conan Exiles has some bugs to work out but overall it’s definitely an enjoyable game and I can’t wait to see what else they decide to do with it.