Gas Arrows Through Walls *;(

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Players who find there way up to the base, anytime were sleeping inside, or I asume awake can shoot gas arrows at a solid wall or cieling and the gas will come through, kill any sleeping players, and sometimes upon death there body will clip outside the walls to be looted, What the frigg’n hell, this is bullcrap… please don’t tell me to sleep with a gasmask or build more secure, gas should not pass through 1 let alone 2 layers or more of black ice or insulated wood or anything other than open windows or door, Total Frigg’n Gamebreaker Exploit Here!

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  1. Keep Getting killed by this exploit while I sleep
    2.Don’t wana wear a gasmask to log out safely
    3.players who do this say they sometime get boddies to clip outside of wall upon death, is why they do it

This has been the normal for awhile try building a slightly bigger base and sleep in the middle.

The better advice is to actually drop all your stuff in a chest before logging out because gas is not the only way to die in this game while offline. Logging out with your stuff on you will end up with you losing it all sooner rather than later.

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ehk, thank you soooo, much Narelle *;p I never woulda thought lol, that just sucks so very much ya know, I seriously usually do that, but should not have to, sometimes you just wana come home to you fort half falling asleep from some orver extended adventure or farm, n not have to sort through all the inventory and rearange chests to make room, just to prevent exploits, ehk no doubt lesson learned, again and again,

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my base is pretty massive, ya know it’s hard to get it finished when all the mats keep getting robbed through exploits though

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sorry if I’m being super rude guys I do appreciate the tips, I just got really well salted with that one, was a 3 hour straight farm + a bunch o legendary, just got totally wasted last night, cause I was falling asleep at the keyboard and just logged without getting naked, still really not fair *;( so waa


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