Getting killed while in my house

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Logged off last night and when I got back on I had been killed. Not mad about being killed but he did it while I was in my house. My house has no windows it’s not suspended so you can get underneath it. When I messaged him he just says there’s lots of ways to do it. Can anyone explain to me how so I can protect against it or just tell me how to protect against it

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Hello @tom_ace, thank you for reaching out!

Did you check the Event Log to confirm it was a player that killed you?

If that was the case, it’s possible that you logged out close to a wall and that part of your character’s body clipped through a wall and got exposed.

Yes I checked the event log that’s how I know it’s a player. That’s how I knew who to message and I was at least two foundations away from any wall

I messaged the player and asked him how he killed me inside my house and he’s response is. There’s lots of ways

Could you share a few screenshots of your base?

To be on the safe side, you should have at least a two walls / foundation / ceiling thick room to logout from.

It’s also possible that he used gas arrows or orbs do damage you through the walls or ceiling.

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My body was laying at the foot of the bed

He probably shot poison arrows at the wall and it seeped through the crappy designed objects in this game. That’s how I died the same way… I tested it my self on team mate and vice versa. The walls around us aren’t solid, no walls in any video game can sustain the correct algorithm the make an object, in fact, solid. Therefore, the poison arrows, for 1, exploding arrows for 2… things like this can manifest throughout the house and kill you…

Development team, am I wrong?


I wouldn’t log out geared as sometimes you can still die by thirst ,hunger, temperature changes … but yeah you were probably killed by poison arrows

If you are high enough level, wear a sand mask when you log out. This will negate gassing. As for explosive damage, it would take quite a few, as they don’t do player damage as much as you would think.

Actually, not true as for the explosive damage on arrows. It also depends on whether you are offline, on an official server or a GPORTAL server. It all depends on the server settings.

When we tested this theory in a gportal private server, in side a 2 story house/workshop, I first dressed down naked and was installed killed. Secondly, I wore basic armor rating at 80, again killed instantly. Lastly, I wore Silent Legion armor and it took 2 poison arrows andndnd 5 explosive arrows , all mind you while building damage was off, in a PVE-C server.

The theory of logging out and dying of hunger or thirst is odd… as you have no control over this if you are… logged out. Any other reason is… fluke.

Then the officials i have been on are bugged. I have hit enemies with stacks of explosives, and done less damage than iron weapons every time.

Thanks for the help. I started taking my stuff off my body and tried wailing my base off

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