Giant king figurine location

Ok I have looked online and couldn’t find where the giant king figurine is on Siptah. I miss yogs touch and want to start farming for it.

There are a lot of random spawns of figurines inside the Grey pools, but you have to climb on the little towers too, yet I believe that @Ragnaguard may help a bit more if there is a main spawn for that.

I’ve grabbed them from New Khemi Docks

Where? All I run across is blood defiler.

There is one in the fractured citadel that spawns in an area with a blood defiler and three first men near the south west entrance from the coast. The one in the new Khmer docks spawns I believe near the jailor cages.

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They are randomly places all over the southern islands, usually at NPC camps. You should be able to find 4 or 5 at a decent sized camp. I think it’s random though.

Figurines are not random. Each location spawns a specific figurine.


Never knew that.

Thanks all. It appears that there are some things missing at the docks and that is probably why I couldn’t find the figurine. It’s reported and hopefully fixed next time around

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