Give Entertainers more use. Musical pieces and playable instruments

It would be cool if we could find songs, (Instrumental only) similar to emotes and recipes. Each song could be played on a specific type of instrument that can be found in loot on wild Entertainers, chests or just lying around i.e. Lutes, flutes, harps, drums and bagpipes etc. Perhaps some songs could even give stat buffs, similar to how the lotus burner golems work. The songs could be played only by players and Entertainers giving them a bit more use. The songs can be chosen in the emote tab. It would also be cool from an RP perspective to have a Bard playing music in players Taverns or Royal Halls.


I think to have seen in the past a couple of Mods able to do this, not sure if they still exists or are updated to the game last version.

From an RP perspective is surely interesting.
Also interesting from a business point of view, Funcom will set probably these things as rewards from the BP, like they do with clan emblems actually.

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Im on XBox. No mods for us. You are probably right though, they would make it a BP/Bazaar item. But it has potential if it could get some traction.


I would be in favor of this idea! Theres already fair few musical instruments in the game. Now they just need to be manned by musicians.

Another possibility would be to have songs be items, like pieces of paper, that you could put into the instrument slot and then add a musician thrall as well to have them play the song on that instrument… Basically have instruments function like crafting tables…


Indeed has potential, i agree.

That’s an interesting idea indeed. :grinning:
Let’s see, what can be the effort about into realize this concept.
Just for the sake of dig down more deeply.
Funcom should create new standard animations for any of the new “instruments crafting tables”, let’s call like that.
Then the song items, and this can be a reward on loot chests or a feature you learn as new song.
This is should be actually easy to do, considered there’s a new itemtable on the db.

Last, there’s the songs, and this is the real problem, speaking about game design and consistency.
The soundtrack of CE is very awesome, indeed, very immersive, i love it.
Funcom should hire again the same musical artists (or others) who have created the soundtrack to create new themed songs, binded to the races for example.

It’s a big effort, all considered and considered the new things created for any new update.

Maybe an “Age of Music” or “Age of Arts” after the Age of War will be taken in consideration, who knows what will be the main theme of the incoming ages.

I would like to see all of this also, but at the same time i think this is something more easy to create from a Modder, cause he can pick for free songs with CC license on internet and create all the new instrumental crating benches and also some basic animations.

I know @AzraelHighwind is on Xbox, maybe also you’re on console so you will not get that feature in case of a new Mod and not a Funcom update.

Still, if you both would like to propose the idea on the creative corner, maybe some Modder can take care of it.

You can add also my small analisys of the new feature in that case, it’s for free :slightly_smiling_face:

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A musical instrument emote for thralls would be cool too. Have a lute or shamisen or sitar or something. Then equip it to a thrall and they’ll play in scouting mode.

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