Give me my money back

Hey. So sick of not being able to get into the server im playing on. I want my money back.

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Try another server


Don’t wanna start all over again. And i am sure this problem is gonna be on more servers so no point in starting on another server or even having the game

And restart youre progress every day? how did you thing ther, may i ask?

Every day? If you were smart you’ll find a server that isn’t always capped

All servers are capes on prime time, thats the problem you know…

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Play on a real (community) server. Higher population caps, WAY nicer players, and oft times better hardware.

I complitly understand you. I have over 700hr in the game and the release was a disaster for the players. Few and full servers, more bugs now then in the EA, a joker load screen for all the servers private and offical. I’m leaving the game for a few months till they fix It. In the rush of the release they planed all the things wrong.

real(community) server means the Official ones? Or is there something else? I started in an Official PvP server 40 players and i haven’t been able to play cause its full.

I started on two different official servers and got to level 15 and now getting back in is 50/50.

So now I only play on an unofficial server. I won’t even consider playing an official server until something gets fixed.

I was playing in a private server but the frozen login screen it’s killing me. Today my pacience got to the limit, I died from a fall and waited 5 min to spawn at my bad, didn’t spawn and when I tried to relog it blessed me with the frozen screen. I’m just tired of this.

Yeah i have the same problems as you guys aswell, game freezes, loadscreen freezes. Surely it’s possible to have smooth running game with 80 places or something on a server? I mean it’s 2018 ffs…

And no, I don’t wanna start a new server, because im pretty high lvl, have a clan on this server aswell, and all the other official servers are full…

I really like the concept of this game tho, the idea is great! Just hope they fix this server thing ASAP or they are gonna loose a hell of a lot of players. And the amount of people demanind a refund is probably gonna be a new record lol

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Come on…its launch week. Things will slow down substantially in a couple weeks until then its a mad dash to get in.

If you arent patient enough to wait find a good player ran server.

But stomping your feet about a return is silly.


Yeah, maybe I should be a little more patient, but like you said, its launch week, the hype is there, and when they can’t delivier when it counts, will they delivier later?

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Every single multiplayer title has this issue during launch week. Game devs arent going to add way more servers then they need because then when the game settles they would have to hear “my server is empty” or “the game is dead!”

Its just the way the conan wienie wiggles my friend.

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I haven’t had this problem. I also play on non-official servers, with 70 pop cap.

Never been a fan of official servers. Cheaters don’t get banned fast enough and lots of griefers with building spam, blocking natural chokes, etc… happened in Ark enough that I always go private servers now

Find a good private server with good admins and you’ll really enjoy this game :slight_smile:

Private servers can also increase XP gain and harvest ammounts, so find a 2x+ server and you won’t mind restarting one bit.

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Why not rent your own server? :slight_smile:

Why not just kill the hell out of them.
Keep on killing them until they stop or quit, or both.

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