I want my money back

This game is fuin unplayable !
ping: 50 and I can’t even exit my fu
in home, goddammit !

Give me my money back !

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You are not getting your money back but you can provide some more details in the respective forum section. Are you playing on official? Xbox? PS? PC steam?

In what world is 50 ping bad?


Lol for sure. I’m happy as a pig in mud if I can get 60 odd ping :joy:

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I think what they were trying to say is that their ping is good but their base doesn’t load but this is me guessing here.



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what happening man, make some video and post it here

I play at around 160 …XD

G portal server room is probably in his building to have 60 ping!!!XDDDD

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Eh, 50 ping the game should be good, but instead when I try to move I get teleported back like I my ping was 9000.

it’s not just the world not loading, is the whole fu**in game lagging as hell.
it was good until 31 august, then when they released 3.0 it became unplayable !

I already reported this 3 times in 3 different days.
every time i try to play, I can’t even exit my fu**in base !

I play PC, on Official Server !

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Why you act like you a funcom dev lmao just let people rant. They’ve had 5 years to figure it out. I don’t nearly see as much problems as ce compared to other survival games. Hence why they have so many concurrent players. But yet imo ce could have been the best survival game. Anyone complaining deserves their Monday back funcom only disappoints . They don’t focus on the real problems. HACKS AND GLITCHES AND OPTIMIZATIONS . They need to add to their team some professionals and pay them accordingly to fix this game .

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Yeah I understood what you’re trying to say. “Despite 50 ping, my connection is crap.”

This is a routing problem, and you should report it via ZenDesk if at all possible. It’s not the server’s problem per se, and it does affect different players differently. You might find it unplayable while your mate says “it’s cool” and “you’re playing on a potato.”

I am not acting like a dev. If I was acting like one, I wouldn’t respond to you at all and just ignore you :rofl:

I am just stating the facts as in you and op are not getting your money back so you may as well explain what your problem is as you did in your last post.

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I don’t know what it is, but the game was perfectly fine till the update, then it became unplayable.
I even bought that stupid battle pass, thinking “com’on, the game is going to be fine” … and now I can’t even play !

That’s why i want my money back, cause I cannot use a battle pass (that is going to end sooner or later and I have to buy it again after that) and couldn’t use it cause those … devs … did something wrong with the game !

I’m sorry to say this exact thing happened to me last year in May. I know it doesn’t help you right now, but what helped me was to switch to another server and test it out. Sure enough, it was just this one server. The system for getting help was much more rudimentary then, and I reported the issue. Of course the resolution, if any, was moot because by then we’d already started over elsewhere.

ETA: my distinction is that I really wanted to play, so I did what it took to find a way. Any solutions generated were simply as a by-product of my wanting to play. If you, however, no longer want to play because of this or anything else, I would never wish to impose my views on you. :slight_smile:

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Also check for updates on your PC. Check your hardware. Its not always the games fault. It could be your system. It could be your internet service provider. Theres a million reasons things can go wrong. Its not always just 1 thing to point blame at

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I can’t play with my character, because it’s on official server and the ping is over 200 so it doesn’t let me join. Yesterday i played an hour and had to quit because i got disconnects and the server lagged badly. I bought the battlepass and i can’t play. This is going to keep going on because the server can’t handle the load. I won’t be able to do the challenges and even i they fix it at some point, there will be so little time left that i’d have to play 24/7 and that’s not fair.

I’d rather get some battlepass progress as compensation, but if that doesn’t happen, how am i able to get my money back? And no, not the FUNCOM-coins, i mean real money.

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His ping could be zero but if the server is bogged down than it will still feel as if he can’t move or accomplish tasks. I think that was the point of the OP.

Currently with 20/40 players online loading in trees leave the trees bright pink for 10~ish seconds. Challenges are not updating server wide.

There is a mild delay in actions, but that’s actually quite improved and tolerable compared to how it has been in the past.

Just seems a few things are semi-broken atm.

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Everyone is logging on and engaged because we’ve been deathly thirsty for something more, give it some time and it will smooth out. Honestly, 50 ping doesn’t sound very bad.

Embrace your inner “Karen”…this crap is unfair

I’m on console and contacted “customer service manager” here for ‘funcom’…was told that I’d have to be refunded by the original vendor…yeah, I get that. But the issue we’re going to run into is the amount of time we’ve already played being outside of the ‘30 day limit’
…also, there is the “known issues” part that could be worked around but most likely won’t.

I want my money back too.

I bought a game that worked when I bought it…was fun when I bought it.

I would like to see…Exiles rolled back to a point that can be played on consoles without stability issues…and “Age of Sorcery” being released as it’s own titled DLC that can rudder it’s own direction.

Console players, had a game that Funcom has taken away. They made a playable game that we bought…then , while it’s cool that they made a forum and asked what people wanted next, It’s not cool that they made what we already paid for unusable without a rollback option.

I’m disappointed and kinda feel like there is a violation of some sort with this update that happened.

I want my money back too. I don’t think that anyone that expects that is being petty. I hate this crap.

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I think steam has like a < 2 hours played refund policy?
If you’re in that category and hurry, you might get your money back!