Giveaways (Agnitio)

Agnitio cabal is celebrating the anniversary event with a giveaway to the community, we will summon 5 Mega bosses tomorrow Sunday (20:00 - 21:00 CEST). All participated players in the fight can have the chances to win something.

  1. [Essence of Kenememti the Fear Eater] 3 winners (50 [Mk IV Weapon Fragment] + [Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst]) each

  2. [Essence of Bunica Padurii] 3 winners (50 [Mk IV Weapon Fragment] + [Energizing Signet Empowerment Catalyst]) each.

  3. [Essence of The Abyssopelagic Horror] 3 winners (50 [Resplendent Talisman Fragment] + [Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst]) each.

  4. [Essence of the Hitodama Confluence] 3 winners (50 [Elaborate Glyph Fragment]+ [Energizing Talisman Empowerment Catalyst]) each.

  5. a surprise Mega boss ; 1 winner [Mk IV Weapon Imbuer]

time is not fixed yet, but it will be after the hourly boss so between 20:00 - 21:00 CEST. (this is Europe time).


Thank you Agnitio for the Mega Boss Lottery ! ^-^

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