GJP-X93 EMP Bullets?

While the description for this weapon says it fires EMP bullets, using this weapon against robots did not do anything different that any other unmodified weapon. Am I missing something? One would assume that an EMP bullet would at least disable the robot for 1 turn.

Hello @mcarver2000, the EMP effects have a variable chance to stun robotic targets, has that specific weapon never triggered the effect? How many times did you hit robotic targets with it?

@Hugo That is some inconsistent wording then. If we look at the Gaper it says “Knockbacks Enemies” and that is 100% chance to do so even if it doesn’t state that. Transparency is also very key part of the game and everything else is stated plain and simple so the player knows what to expect.

The GJP and the Flamer says EMP Bullets and Fire Bullets so one could easily assume they shoot their respective type of bullet 100% of the time, I did.
Not that I have tried them, so can’t comment on that.

But a 100% chance feels like in line with the power of the other items that you get in Seed of Evil, especially considering these weapons are not Silenced.

I tried at least twice in one attack. But since there was no affect, I gave up on it. Especially since I have a much better chance with my 2 silenced weapons that are equipped with EMP upgrades (with 2 of them I almost always get a successful EMP).