Is Noatun EMP 30 working correctly?

So, I attached the Noatun 30 on Dux’s Crossbow to get a chance on killing the Med-Bots silently. I tried it maybe 15 times and at a 30% chance, it should happen once. Are there mechanics working, I maybe don’t get or it is just broken?

It does. If you tried it through reloading it won’t work. As I mentioned in other post percentages in such games isn’t exactly percentages, they are conditioned. So if you don’t change conditions like doing it with other unit, or after some other combat or using some ability etc it won’t work.
But EMP does work you doubtly would make it through metal fields without 2 30% and 1 50%… and for the start get some EMP skills and second silent with EMP too

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They work, late game I have my crossbow and pistols all equipped with them, pretty much stun lock with 2 x 30 % and 1 x 50 %

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Ok, good to know. Yeah, at some point I got curious and tried it out via Reload. Thanks for clearing me up. I still dont get it really, because of English problems here, I think, but now I know more. :slight_smile: