Glitch when prisoners are locked into prisoner's shackles

Basic Info:

Platform: PlayStation 5
Issue Type: Graphics (ambient effects)
Game Mode: Single Player
Map: Exiled Lands

Bug Description:

When a captive is bound to the prisoner’s shackles, they are wriggling a bit every now and then, occasionally making a slight rattling noise when the chains are moving. However, after exiting and then resuming a game, they are just hanging in there without wriggling (I have observed for quite some time, but they won’t resume).
At first I thought that has happened due to me signing off in their direct vicinity, but even after teleporting away (so that the location in question can be unloaded), signing off, then returning and teleporting back to the captive, that wouldn’t fix it.

EDIT: I’ve double-checked this with two newly-captured prisoners (I now have a total of four chained prisoners), and this time I teleported away before signing off, then left the game, resumed and teleported back. One of the new captures doesn’t move in her chains, but the other one does.

EDIT 2: Another peculiarity that I have discovered is that male prisoners stop stirring in their shackles after a reload whereas female prisoners usually continue to do so.
This time I have shackled six prisoners (the one that did at the last attempt still there, plus five more), three male and three female, in random order, and the male prisoners don’t even flinch after reloading. The females, however, continue to stir in their shackles as should be expected.
Also environmental effects don’t have any effect on the affected prisoners. If, for example, a prisoner is located outside and there is wind going, the prisoner’s hair, etc. should move accordingly, but this doesn’t happen with the ones that aren’t correctly initialized.

EDIT 3: Some factions seem to cause problems as well. It’s not just the male prisoners who don’t stir in their shackles after resuming the game, but there are at least two factions whose females don’t do that, either. One are the Darfari, and the other one seem to be the Zamorians. More investigation of this matter is required.

Bug Reproduction:

  1. Construct prisoner’s shackles and place them anywhere.
  2. Capture an enemy.
  3. Chain the enemy to the prisoner’s shackles.
  4. Exit the game.
  5. Resume the game.

Final Considerations:

For some reason the event loop for prisoner’s shackles with captives shackled to them isn’t kicked off so the associated events aren’t triggered. This should be solvable by checking for prisoners attached to the shackles upon reload, and whenever any are detected, by then triggering the event loop.
If necessary, a small delay could also be introduced to make certain that the game has had enough time to initialize its data if required.

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