Siptah Thrall Cages constantly Empty?

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: *Bug??
Server type: * PvE-Conflict
Region: Americas/Canada/US
Hardware: *XB1

I set up shop over this weekend at the harbor of the drowned with all the fatty fish men. There are 2 thrall cages close by - one on the beach next to the undead pirate wreck and one by sweet water lake.

Basically running back and forth farming mats for base building all weekend (probably 20+ hours of gameplay total) and constantly checking the cages, and never was there a thrall inside. Not before or after killing the jailer, not after checking back 20 min later… not ever. Has this been activated on XB version or disabled? I can understand others may have snagged a thrall but respawns times and playing alao during both high and low traffic times - seems off that not even once was there a thrall in the cage.

Expected behavior: maybe have thralls in cages where they are supposed to be so when you get the key off the jailer, it actually unlocks the cage???

Jittery NPC pathing and jumping/disappearing but otherwise, the new textures and mob skins look great.



Ps4 friend started a server I have three keys and have not seen any one in a cage yet. Will check with others

Checked with the people on my friends server no one has found a prisoner yet

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I was farming a camp on PC some time ago and I asked why I have never seen a prisoner there. I was told that there are only a set number or prisoners at any given time in the world. So people need to free some prisoners in order for new ones to spawn and potentially in a different place. :woman_shrugging:



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