Glitcher caught on video. Please take action

If I catch a cheater on video, what can I do to see some action being taken against them? Because they just ruin the game entirely for us that play this game without bullsh1t.

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try contacting a dev… @Ignasi would be a fine start i guess, and present the video to him


Throw the video in the trash as no one cares on any game… :):crazy_face:

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Did you catch the video in 1080p? Were you on a wired connection? Do you experience this with other demanding games? Did you take screenshots? You might consider buying better equipment.
Do you play on private server? Mods installed? Lmao jk :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
DM @Ignasi or @hugo the video Im sure they will be able to help

That is the correct answer.


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