I'm kinda sick of Cheaters / abusers/ and please do something

I have a video when one of my teammate yell that we getting raid from inside of our base , nothing appear on our combat log and when I get in the base that is what I get 1 person that instantly kill us , and when I get there he start blowing up until then nothing happen , everything was sealed of all doors where up everything , this happen on Offical server #1200 please man im done with this game , and 100% Im not the only one , why there are so many cheaters and bug abussers on server , you guys don’t ban them cuz u are losing players ? u are losing more if u are not doing it . Please do something
P.S. if u want the video I can send it to u


Protek? Gis? HeFe? Sazar?


They use every glitch possible:

Undermesh, dupe, server crash, 50 in all stats, combat glitches (4th hit) and possibly laggswitch

I was in a fight with gis and his not using only glitch , I mean yeah he 3 shot me and full auto with a bow cuz ofc he can , infinity stamina and instant regen , I don’t know what to say but seems like they like to use hacks to , and Protek enter in our base without destroying everything , 1 shot every single one of us and thralls and voila , we need dlc’s not to fix the game and do something about this .

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