Glowing goop gone

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Since the major update changing the game mechanics, glowing good is nowhere to be found on my server.

  • EU official #2008

Can find it in random drops, but cannot find any in world.

Just want my dang bone torch …

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Not even in the dregs where it gets introduced?
Go into the dregs and dive into the water-filled hole at the base of the stairs, should be full of it

Goop still spawns on #2008, atleast in the ponds up by the Oasis next to sepermeru

No it’s all gone water is filled with black squares and the feat for the reptile armor is gone but the dregs are in a absolutely mess

Oh!.. Well those black squares are the glowing goops :smiley:
The game seems to be having a lot of various texture bugs after the update, they’re slowly fixing them.
See if you can harvest them though!

Nope it’s the water too is gone gone

I can confirm this bug in the Dregs, the glowing goop is also entirely gone from Hanuman’s Grotto. It was a nightmare finding glowing goop for my sorcerous page upgrade. I went over to the jungle in square 8L and found some there.

I just created a topic about this before i saw yours. Did you manage to find a fix?

I am trying to upgrade my spell book and need glowing goop for one of the upgrades. Went to my usual farming spots of both the Dregs and the Oasis north of Sepermeru.

In both these locations there was no goop to be seen (in the dregs there was small black squares where the goop normally spawns). I thought someone else had maybe taken them before me, but they still weren’t there straight after a reset when i was the only player on the server.

Later in the evening, when my friend joined the server, we were at the oasis and i was stating how i can’t progress sorcery atm as i cant get glowing goop. He replied “What do you mean, its everywhere?”, turns out it appeared normally for him, but invisible and unobtainable for me.

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