God down server

Good morning,
I have a question to ask you, would it be possible to improve the server performance because when a god appears and destroys a lot of structure that we can no longer do anything about, the god typed for 10 mins without can we do anything, will this be corrected quickly or are we entering the era where defending our base is no longer possible?

Just wait for the next chapter so you can buy their new Bazaar/BP content!

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We’re sorry to hear you’re having performance issues when the Gods are summoned.

This is something we are aware of and we are constantly trying to improve the performance of our game.

Thank you for your feedback and have a nice day!

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Wipe the servers, problem solved.

Yep, then the server can stay empty . No players no issues or complaints. Problem solved. /s

Why? I mean unless you hoard why not? I’ve restarted a couple dozen times.
I know some PVE players seem to think he who has the most full vaults wins, but that ain’t how it works.
The server with the most vaults, lags.
The server with the most animated thralls, lags.
The server with the most acreage covered with ornamental builds, lags.

Some of these servers have been up for years. Some players have been on those servers for years. Some players have years worth of hording and nonstop building on that server.

If the server I’m on got wiped I wouldn’t shed a tear, I’d just start over.

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I agree with most of what you said, however it isn’t just hoarding in existing bases, I think databases filled with maybe even thousands of player created characters that likely won’t ever be used + general piles of mess in them can also warrant a server wipe.
That said they shouldn’t just wipe servers, but rather have it in a system so that a server will be wiped after X amount of time, but perhaps with a feature to vault your character in your account with all they have learned but without stuff in inventory.
I think that would be healthy not just for server performance and unnecessary hoarding, but also for players generally, official servers shouldn’t be a mausoleum filled with stuff and some that can’t be obtained anymore :slight_smile:


I am for a character vaulting system!

Over the past 6 months I’ve realized, especially for PVP, how wipes would be very beneficial.

I don’t want to speak for PVE as I have limited experience on it, despite some PVEers also supporting wipes.

Having to start a new character is nothing new for me and I’m comfortable with leveling. Know all the tricks and quickest way to achieve it.

But, I also have characters with almost all knowledge learned on both maps. It would be sad to see those gone but it’s not a dealbreaker for me.

But a character vault, void of loot, is a great medium imho.

For this to be successful in mitigating many of the issues previously brought forth by myself and others, I think BVs also require elimination. No more hoarded loot on invisible characters.

This is from someone who has many BVs.


Pve wipes will create a chaos. A great percentage of pve players “refresh” until something new to “collect” appears. They are collectors of the game and that’s why they play on the same server and the same character all these years. I personally find this useless, but for some people it’s fun so i respect the way they have fun in this game.

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I get it.

But when you consider that you’re sharing the Official servers with others, it is under the assumption you’re actively playing, no?

If all you do is pop into the game once a week to refresh your build and play once a chapter… Then you’re kind of being selfish.

The same can be achieved on a single player or co-op game, or even a private server that allows it without impacting other people from benefiting from the annexing of an area that is not actually being used on an Official server.

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Everything that you say it’s totally reasonable to me.

I see official servers as a park. Today i sat my bottoms in this bench, tomorrow is someone else’s turn :man_shrugging:. But the community of these players that hold this “bench” for years is big. We don’t speak about one or ten, but many. So expect a huge wave of complaints and ranting in here if wipes will arrive.
For me? Bring it on, i care zero, it will do good to me, it will give me new purpose. But i find it selfish too for others to “suffer” a wipe because i don’t care. I really hope i explain it correctly my friend.

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I would feel bad for active players, 100%. It would be a huge and devastating change for those people. But are there that many? I don’t know, at least on PVE I am not sure.

The long-lasting clans on PVP that have held their location for years are really nothing more than serial refreshers with the odd few that play slightly more regularly. Officials often go through waxing and waning in population. A server can die out and the last serial refreshers log on once a week, monitoring, and might log on more frequently if they see an uptick in population.

I think what we’re really talking about here is intent. Did Funcom intend for people to play for years on a server? We could use deductive reasoning in saying yes, since there have been few full wipes in recent years. But did they intend for players to be on servers for years just to refresh it? I don’t think so, because that really isn’t playing.

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Beautiful question. Let me bring a couple more in this part if i may…
Is it healthy for a server if someone possess an early access thrall still?
Is it healthy for a server if someone possess deleted gear?

The “secrets” these collectors have are many so they even try to log in and refresh on vacations…
But here’s the most important question.
Is this type of gaming healthy?

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That depends. On PVP or PVE-C, if a legacy item is still in use it could be considered an unfair advantage or even exploit. So for those modes, probably not healthy or balanced.

Again wouldn’t be for PVP or PVE-C.

For PVE probably fine, players are not PVPing each other in the sense of what PVP or PVE-C would see. But should those legacy items still be available despite the idea of collecting?

Also depends on what you mean about healthy lol
For the game in general, probably not, imho.
For individual health? Well… there’s already the underlying issue for this at all: hoarding pixels. That has many criticisms and caveats.


I also respect that people play this way, and that is where singleplayer or renting a private server becomes handy :wink:
Don’t get me wrong, I would love for official servers to be able to host player creations for years, but official servers have a huge problem…

  • Performance has dropped below the basement floor

  • Lots of players/refreshers who barely play are taking up so much space and quite often create unnecessary lag.

  • Servers are filled with characters that are left behind and probably never will be used again which along with other mess in server database that just pile up the older they get.

You said it so well here, that bench probably gets a good cleaning once in a while, perhaps a paint job and some repair if needed, and at some point it gets replaced with a new shiny one :slight_smile:

Conan Exiles official servers however pretty much stay the same…
Yes some players forget to refresh or just stop playing, and their bases decay.
Some are even wiped because they are reported or perhaps caught during an admin intervention because of server problems, but a few weeks later new players and sometimes those that got banned come by and some may build a massive lag base.
I don’t know what would be the best way to handle it, upkeep cost, building and placeables limits, server wipes after a certain amount of time?
All I know is that official servers are what most new players go to, and the sight quite often scares them away again because the sight and performance is not good :pensive:

some say that server wipes or limitations won’t help, I have to disagree with that.
I’ve been running a private server for me and a few friends that didn’t want to play on official servers anymore.
We wiped the server once in a while, had an agreement of how many building pieces and placeables we could have each.
We had 4 or 5 mods, mostly decorative and QoL, the server despite being a gportal actually ran pretty well, a lot better than most official servers.
I know there is a big differenece between having a private server with a few friends and official servers where anyone can play, but still we could definitely see and feel the difference for quite some time after a wipe :slight_smile:
Also something I noticedd about official server is that Siptah servers generally feels a bit more stable and seems to perform better than Exiled Lands servers, perhaps it is a coincidence, but it is what I have experienced.

All I know is that official servers are overbuilt and has bad performance, something has to be done about them.
Official server should be a shared space with enforced rules and kept in good shape, so everyone and especially new players can enjoy it.
They should not be a mausoleum for players hoarding and collecting stuff for years, if that is what you want, go singleplayer or rent your own server, harsh but best for everyone :slight_smile:


This is part of the issue. Some people that have been playing on servers for years feel they are more entitled because of seniority.

If you wonder how long people hoard stuff think back to posts about loses due to the foundation “fix”. How many people lost items and thralls that haven’t been in game for years?

Or Look at the P2W shop items. Yes the new ones are nerfed but whom didn’t anticipate that and make a few hundred OP weapons?

Or when certain exploits aloud mass production of rare components. Bets there are people with vaults of stuff from that?

But at present I’m not playing much because of server lag. It may be because of the build, but there is a good chance that while I am busy with something like, say , slaying a white dragon, the server will lag out, my thrall will because an audience, and the game will repeatedly redrop the dragon on me :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

But considering the number of vaults on just one compound, I hate to think how much the server already struggles just under the weight of storage. So all it take is one event, or one “purge” to muck up the works.

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Official servers is the face of the game online. Every action they make, should be in the interest of making the gaming experience in these servers good. The least good.


On PlayStation our toon lags because of the things possessed and storaged. Especially on ps4 i was really careful to have only what i need.

All I know is that official servers are what most new players go to, and the sight quite often scares them away again because the sight and perfor

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