Godly Thrall bug

Game mode: [Online
Problem: [| Bug | Performance | Misc]
Region: [N.A.]

After yesterdays patch we are getting intermittent God thralls who don’t respond to players. cant be killed and wont attack. Cant figure what is causing this to happen, when I first logged on I did a test to see if they were doing damage and taking damage. after moving to my own base area and using the move command, I had another player come to test and my thralls just stood there, but couldn’t take any damage from myself or other players. only way to kill them was to use the kill command.

Secondary in the western forest I am getting a performance drop down to a solid 20 FPS is there a known fix for this?

Is this a PvP or PvE server? With PvP disabled, thralls don’t take damage from players and do not attack players.

pvp server. doing some testing atm, before my server restart thralls were in god mode. after restart still in god mode. ok so after testing for some reason the PVP building damage is affecting thralls now. makes them immune and the thralls do not respond to attackers.