Thrall limit and Performance is a no no

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After the whole server is cleaned up, 3 major clans has cleaned up thralls and buildings, if theres 20 players online the performance of thralls, npcs is terrible.

If you agro an npc and move towards them, they run past u to the last spot.

My sabretooth attacks are so slow, and he stopped attacking middle of fight.

Also it seems our guards dont attack when we are not present? if this is true theres a massive issue if we being attacked when offline???

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Hello @NORfem, guards should engage even when the owner is not present or offline, do they stand idle even if hit or if any building pieces are attacked?

Regarding server performance, could you state your server number and whether you have performance issues in other servers or singleplayer?

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It seems they do only phantom dmg, like attack but not doing anything dmg until ur close by.

Im on official 1036.

Edit omg i wrote wrong server number first time xD

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